Is Bart back?


When that popped up on me screen I said to meself that has to be Rochey posting that! Funny the one thing that always sticks out for me about bart was his Frank Gallacher from Shameless avatar.


Posts been approved by the mods? Jesus yis must of been hit with a couple of solicitors letters in recent months.


Only the first 10 per user, it was first 50 on the old site


Not until I hear the words “We’ll have to agree to disagree” from The Lone Ranger will I believe that Bart is back. :wink:

Has Clayton returned?


Present company included, I assume?! :slight_smile:
Sack was great craic, but he made some very erroneous and sometimes very risque posts that caused mayhem for the moderation crew at the time. I really enjoyed his contribution, but Jeysus, he was a massive handful oooer Matron


Remember the proficy came thru …“lets sport beards for the champo” :wink:

I think there were worse rogues than that lad


Sack, is that you?! “Phil, you’ve changed!!!”


No, I remember his ramblings though :blush:


Cathal’s codpiece. Love it.


Yeh it certainly made me laugh too, somehow very apt… Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm :laughing:


why all the … & hmmmmmmmmmmmmm you will be talking about fedora hats next :fearful:

Were is the guy who always loved his seats in the upper cusack and took out his trusty binoculrs to see the musings on our bench ?? Roman ??


Roman is still here now and again. His ‘estate’ takes most of his time these days!