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At risk if obvious, thick country vegetable was it


Just think of the record sales if he formed a band with Wee Daniel👀


:grinning: We used to call one of our ‘cousin’ teachers in school “Royco”…


Oh god. Can somebody not be contracted to slip that twat some ‘Chinese herbal remedy’?


I had a brief glimpse of it and it’s all about hyping up Tyrone today. Hilarious that the Irish Times still give a full page to a lad analysing GAA games from China – Keith Duggan did his biography and writes the articles for him also


Keith Duggan …from Donegal. Insufferable people in general.


Oi, my father is a very proud Donegal man @Iomaint, less of the generalisations…


Explains a lot…


Darragh’s article today was quite good in fairness … only one little sly dig …


"we forget that having the composure to do the right thing in the white heat is almost always the difference in the score line when it is all over."
Best line in the piece. A massive factor in us eventually getting over the line in 2011.


I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever either trust, or praise that prick.


Most counsellors will give you a significant discount in that case🤣


“When Brogan kicks those scores, it looks as if he is playing in his back yard. I suppose he is to an extent.”

Indeed, Darragh.
I could have sworn SOPER played somewhere in the region of the Navan Road and nor Jones’s Road.


Ha… dose couldn’t help himself. I’ll let that one go I’ll contain my moral outrage on this occasion! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



And Eddie B was a Dub.


I think not !


Who says JJF is a good man?


He lives behind ememy lines and he has lept his sanity - more or less. That’s “good” enough for me ! :wink:


Ah he’s a good Dub for sure


Even if he eats macaroon bats and us best pals with Ballytheman


They’re flying off the shelves.