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I forgot about his lingering black card alright… one more and he misses the final (if we get there!) …

It’s one thing knowing what to do with Dermo, it’s another thing being able to do it… decision time for the opposition manager deciding how much focus to put on him in case he starts/doesn’t start.


Just break glass in case of ‘war’.

Bring on with 20 to go. As said before Dermo will be zen. His mind will be one with the universe. He will kick points like he did last year against le animals just for fun. Grown men will cry on both sides at the beauty of it all. Spillane will choke with rage and his face will be 25% redder than it normally is. Marty Morrisey will be confused as to who’s the greatest of all time. The cattle herd media will sing his praises. the cúnts.


Thing is, good opposition impose their gameplan on you meaning you can’t play you’re own game.



the article again mentions DC being suspended from “All GAA activities” but the rule doesnt actually say that.


Its just lazy hack reporting, the paper of record is getting as bad as the indo and the other red-tops these days


Honourable stance from Jim: " I’m accountable to Dublin GAA and the Dublin players, and that’s where my focus will remain"


In fairness Ian O would be the ‘GAA coveage under sufferance type …’


Sneak preview of Jim’s opening paragraph in Wednesday’s column …

As I was heading back to the hotel in Beijing on Sunday night I couldn’t help smiling to myself and thinking about how Kildare left a famous victory behind them. When I was with Donegal we trained for the eventuality of having three on two in the 38th minute and got our minds right on how we would execute that play. We visualised what would happen and went through our processes to ensure this would happen and nothing was left to chance. These things don’t happen by accident.


He is a self absorbed twat


Fucking eejit.

They would have been shagged if they got a three on two in the 37th minute :wink:


O Gara and Connolly goal chances separated him from an absolute hiding . We made him a star


Which makes it even more sickening.

On the subject of gobshites that won’t go away…Martin Carney… spare me


How is that gobshite still on the telly? Announces at start of second half McCarthy gone to midfield Kilkenny to centre forward. What game was he watching in first half :grin:


He is so bad it is unbelievable. I assume there is no element of performance analysis in RTE?


Indeed there is. The worser you are the longer you’ll be kept!


McGuinness. Smiling to himself. Smiling Jim. The man that won the euro millions by wining a game of gaa. Someday some count going to burst his bubble.


Not sure if in person or as an apparition.


whole Marty squad are going…
Brenda pain in the ring is leading the rosary while Marty turns bread into wine…cheered on by every pykie in Ireland who are claiming they saw an apparition but then discovered it was only the make up melting off Marty…


I thought I saw Marty Morrissey’s face in my soup at lunchtime. It may have been an effect of the hot weather.