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i’d drop it lads – nothing to see here.


Sure ask Darragh about the time the bauld uncle paidi went on an All-star trip to Qatar…


Sean the Moran is on a roll the last week or two, seems to have become a full conscript in the ranks of the Continuity KMM


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Sean the Moran is on a roll the last week or two, seems to have become a full conscript in the ranks of the Continuity KMM
[/quote]I’m sorry Al but Moran is one of the finest journos out there and isn’t exactly looking to hang DC or Davy Fitz?

I think we need to take the tin foil hats off for this one…


does posting or reading tis forum count as “GAA Activity?”


Great little line from him in that article

The county’s hurlers are not obliged like the footballers by the demands of other counties to busy the box office in Croke Park and must travel around for matches.

as for the DC thing in training - Cooper just said the DC was “around” he enever said he was training with the team, does putting out the cones and watching what they are doing count as “GAA Activity”?


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I thought so too til the last couple of weeks. Nobody’s immune and all that… Where was he when ‘Fitzy’ was coming out with nonsense propaganda the last few years? Or when JOC said ‘not in our DNA’? It’s the selectivity that annoys me.

BTW, any chance you could get a recording of the u21 football final?


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BTW, any chance you could get a recording of the u21 football final?
[/quote]Unfortunately I’m not in a position to copy any games at the moment as I switched to Vodafone and as a result, I can’t copy the files onto the DVD recorder.


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He would be better off highlighting how Kerry are world champions at collecting black cards - Stato can advise, but the numbers announced recently were amazing - in a league of their own, so far ahead that inconsistency from referees cannot explain it. The inly question for me is whether is is planned or random. .




Good photo !

I can remember Kevin hanging out of one of the Mayo lads towards the end in 2013, but I think we get a free pass for that after Mayo’s antics in 2012 and the fact that we were down to 12 fit players.

Otherwise, we just don’t seem to have this negative style of preventing attacks from inception. Ok, so at times BB hangs out of backs as they come out of defence, but not in a black card kind of way. O’ Gara, ok, awkward and someone needs to teach him how to use his strength in the tackle. Deano is the example - some of his tackles are textbook eg his tackle on half-time in the semi last year.

I think this issue will become more important, given the level of conditioning and the difficulty in tackling a player moving at speed, because we essentially don’t have a defined tackle, or at least one that is enforced !


Open to correction here , but in the article it’s make reference to rule 7.3 © III (a) for suspension from “all functions, privileges and competitions under the association’s control”.

Ehh that doesn’t exist???

I look in both the official guide part 1 & 2.


Maybe Sean Moran’s article had an error/typo ?
Welll spotted !


7.3 © III (a) exists in Part 2 but refers to interference by team officials and not players.


Phone Frank Murphy in Cork. He wrote the rule book!


It’s section 7.5 (e)

(e) A Suspension for all other Infractions provided for
in Rule or County Bye-Laws means Suspension from
all functions, privileges and Competitions under the
Association’s control, but not from membership of the

Depends on the definition of functions & privileges, but no mention of training there.

I would assume that functions & privileges means to act in an official capacity (club chairman/secretary, be part of an official committee, be a referee etc.) I cannot see how taking part in training would fall under any loose definition of this by even the most strict interpretation. And certainly a decent legal mind could successfully argue the point to the DRA if they chose to.

Otherwise if you took it to mean that it relates to any and all GAA related activity, then a suspended player shouldn’t look at a game on TV, talk about games (even in their sleep), attend any team/club/disciplinary or appeal meetings, enter a GAA ground, follow a personal training programme given to them in connection with a GAA team, wear a GAA top, touch any piece of GAA equipment (hurley/helmet/football etc.) on peril of further sanction…


So if Dermo is training with the team does he go straight into the starting 15 for the semi final?


The biggest plus of this is that nobody knows. Whoever our opposition is on the day will not have been able to prepare properly because they won’t know the answer either.

It’s hard enough coming up with one gameplan to beat Dublin, trying to come up with two (one with Connolly and one without) in almost impossible I’d say.

Imagine the noise and lift we’ll get if Dermo is sprung from the bench in the 50th minute.


And gets a black card 10 minutes later :joy:. Whatever game plan they might need for the introduction , its not rocket science whats needed to do with Dermo .


Throw him on at 60 minutes then! :grin: