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Ate shteak and pull like dogs!



I just think it’s part of a culture that is professional and is changing GAA in front of our eyes. I disagree that unpaid players should be treated like children. I don’t like the cult of the manager.



Even our own are starting to buy into media and bitters’ agenda. I suppose it’s inevitable with the constant bombardment over years now. It has been almost completely normalised.



I agree with certain aspects of your point there completely. But I feel you need to balance it against the agenda that has clearly been going on for years. I think that debate needs to be removed from the “Dublin issue” completely, in order to be objective.



Yes, that’s very fair. Dublin is hated and treated differently. Kilkenny won much more and were revered and given huge privacy by the press. However, across the board, the command and control has gone too far. If no players are allowed to do media interviews, how will true versions of events ever get out? Nobody wants to hear sanitised shite either.



we’ll agree to disagree on the paranoia side of things - as i said earlier journos will try and swindle a comment out of a player and run with it - Fenton and the pay for play article from 2017 jumps out straight away.

As for control alan - you strike me as a chap that doesn’t like informal rules full stop - if its the law of the land or official sporting rule you will obey it - if its a media ban , or listening to instruction from a stewart outside croke park - then your not for obeying.



Birra exaggeration goin’ on here methinks.
Berno, Jack Mc & Philly all have - or had - very high media profiles over the years. Jim Gavin doesn’t seem remotely bothered by it. If he was, he’d have them all on media lockdowns. As it is, Philly probably has his own little snug in the RTE Green Room, with the jug of Miwadi & plate of biscuits always on standby. Jim trusts his lads not to say anything foolish or imprudent. Sadly, not every manager does, but it it varies hugely from county to county imo.



Again as I said before, some of our own are having their personal disaffections with our county GAA set-up being fed by or feeding into the media campaign against professionalism taking over in our games, which has been largely tied to/grown out of the same media thinly veiled agenda against Dublin’s success.

In other words because such a significant element of the media are using and manipulating the issue of professionalism to create propoganda against Dublin both directly and by proxy, it’s very hard for us to accept criticisms of our own set-up that have either been highlighted by or are backed up by media comment.




What a load of crap. I could see their point if it was to be left up on the bridge from June to September but we’re only talking about a few days. When you think of all the flags, banners & bunting you see on display in rural towns when their county is doing well this really shows what the councilors think of the team,.

If the “Drive for 5” does come to happen, maybe the team reception should be held in the likes of Fingal or South Dublin this year.

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I agree…even as a young lad I remember watching MacHale walking off in 1996…and thinking oh no. That 96 defeat is still engrained in the psyche of Mayo football. Of all the finals we have lost that was the one that should have been won.

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We’ll hang the banner from the 5 Lamps … which is where these guys should be told to hang their b****xes …



And so it starts… What next, suggestions for t-shirts…



Fuckin disgraceful carry on over a banner on a bridge in the home of the All -Ireland champions and goin for 5 in a row, the whole city should be decked out in blue. wankers



Loved to see Mordor back in Div 1, I miss their hatred.

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Good chance of playing the ***** in the Leinster
final this year.



Yeah it’s certainly looking that way.



I hope they get back up. They love beating Dublin, but who doesn’t? We love beating them. What I will say, is that I generally find most Meath fans less begrudging towards Dublin than followers in other counties. I think they generally respect Dublin.



For the most part yes, living among them I have to say there is not much begrudgery. They’ll tell ya they hate ya but respect the football we play.

They also hate the following.

Mayo (with a passion)