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A case in point, a lot that I’ve read and heard today in the media about O’Byrne Cup Final. Most of it about Dublin playing a 3rd/4th string team instead of the fact that Westme**h’s Win. Kind of takes away from their Glory a bit.


The issue that seems to have sneaked by with no comment at all is the 25% rise in ticket prices for the League and a possible 12.5% rise for All Ireland finals.

€20 into a league game now if you don’t get your tickets in advance.

Methinks they’re taking the piss big time.


Some posters here have clearly deliberately conflated two things. I did not say journalists were perfect. I said no manager should have the right to muzzle a player in the manner that is happening. It is not done to protect players. The whole thing has gone too far. Everything is sanitized now. Remember it is meant to be an amateur game!


We all the TV coverage Al, can see the price increase biting HQ in the thoin.


So that’s a fact then, eh. The two are connected - very much so.


Hear what you’re saying @Iomaint but a lot of journalists out there forgot a long time ago that they are Amateurs.


Here’s the reason why …

Journalist: Would you like to see Diarmuid Connolly back in the panel.

Brian Howard: Diarmuid is a quality player who would be welcome in any panel in the country.

Headline: Howard urges Gavin to reinstate Connolly
By Spoofy McSpoofface

Brian Howard has called on Jim Gavin to bring Diarmuid Connolly back into the Dublin panel saying he would be in any other panel in the county.


No. That’s not the reason why. If it is, prove it. List the untrue articles printed, that caused such turmoil to any county. Put up some links here to articles where players mouthed off and caused their team to lose as a result. Even put up a link to ten articles across Ireland. Give one example of an article that gave Jim McGuinness the right to kick a brilliant footballer off his panel. There is huge paranoia on here, because of one or two journalists hating Dublin. I am talking about every manager in the country feeling that he has the right to control what grown men, amateur players, can say to a journalist. It has become normalised but it is wrong. It is about corporate governance being brought into amateur sports.


I’ll do all that when you show me the factual proof that it’s not done to protect players.


And I’m not saying it’s a Dublin thing either - every manager is doing it. None of them trust the media. I wonder who’s fault that is?

It’s about protecting the team.


It’s about paranoia and control. Nothing more.


Protecting young lads from a trade with zero scruples. Great to see.


You will in your bollocks because you can’t. The evidence to back up your point, does not exist. I said that managers should not have the control they have. You agree with me that they have that much control, so I don’t need to prove it. You asserted that it is done to protect players. Give some evidence please. Also, explain why grown men need protection from answering questions? What damage has been caused to any player or team from this?


Exactly as above. You are bullshitting … yet again. Show me your proof that it is not done to protect players.

Either way it doesn’t matter. I’m delighted it’s going on - you’re not. I don’t need to prove anything. Seeing Keith Duggan and other journos moan the way they do fills me with joy.

How are things otherwise?


With all respect to everyone commentating on the subject here.

Factually: It is a done thing with the Dublin squads that they do not comment on anything other than bland comments to the media. It’s for their own protection. And yes, it was done because of media twisting various comments from players and managers in previous eras.


This is like your claim about 50% having no interest in politics and the 10% who are very interested all being extremists. Pulled from your ass! We won’t fall out over it. I take Rochey’s point up to a point, in the context of Dublin but I still believe that the control of players by managers, across the board, has gone way too far…and is needless.


What’s knitting your brow so much about this?


Yeah, it’s like something Wooly Parkinson would say.


As part of their professional contracts the rugby lads to press conferences left right and Centre and say absolutely nothing , of any interest, ever

The difference is the rugby media don’t try and twist anything the way the country GAA media try. There’s bitterness across the board against Dublin . Giving the media nothing is the best way forward


Across any sport no one ever says anything of interest, I don’t know why the bother as when I see any pre game interviews in any sport I know it’s going to be bland non speak. The last controversial interviewee I can think of was Mourinho and look where that got him.

Should all be like Marshawn Lynch and let the media choke on it