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It was brolly & Dolan who hung Spillane out to dry.


Wasn’t illogical . Mc Guinness is the same self serving twat who brought the game into disrepute with his treatment of Declan bogue
He is a hypocrite. I can’t think of anyone in GAA I dislike more .


Look these lads are always going to fill page’s with tripe about Dubs cause we’re winning and it’s up to other Counties to step up to the plate.


Correction in chinese soccer ball.


They didn’t hang anyone out to dry. They stated an opinion - that is often stated here also - that a former Kerry player made incendiary comments about a Dublin player, with an eye to it benefiting his own county, if/when said player is suspended for a long period of time. It is hardly a novel idea and has been stated here on numerous occasions. The pity party for Pat Spillane - as if he is some fair damsel in distress, in need of rescuing - is beyond ridiculous.


Yes, good point re Bogue, it is very similar - I actually thought McGuinness was right in that instance and this is not dissimilar.


I never said I felt sorry for him


Astounding hypocricy throughout … but I do like this piece of astounding counter irony to Jim’s own suggestion of irony … the irony …

"The ironic thing about the whole row is that if there was a kangaroo court, it was probably on The Sunday Game itself the following week when the pundits tried to suggest that their colleague Spillane’s comments were indeed provocative and influenced the proceedings.

You need to remember when you are listening to certain pundits it is not what they are saying – it is why they are saying it. And that version of events, in turn, was then adopted as gospel."


Lads perhaps this has been posted . Can’t find it so apologies if so . Intrigued to learn Diarmuid is doing the on field training !!


I pray that McGuinness stays in China and that the Irish Times gets someone else.


Hold on now , I’ve been prayin that D OSe gets an offer to go to Quatar and show them his medals and start a school of Yerra excellence …


I expect we might hear more about that.


Read it earlier this morning . Johnny must have been thinking of someone else maybe ?


I doubt that’s going to fly.


The headline is misleading (and a bit clickbatey). Cooper says that Connolly is around and involved in some training aspects not that he is fully training with the team. That could just mean that he observes the training and listens to the tactical briefings, both things which could be perfectly allowed under the ban as long as he doesn’t tog out for the session.

I’d imagine that the DCB know what he is and isn’t allowed do and have communicated that to the management.


Hint of impatience with DC in JCs words … something I touched on yesterday.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with the other players being a bit p****d off with him. You don’t want players turning on each other or publicly having a go at each other, but an overall attitude that tells him that he needs to cut this stuff out is no harm.


I don’t think Berno backed him up hugely either when asked about the incident.


Thanks for posting that.

Did the GAA post any official decision detailing what he exactly his sanction is?

We had this a few weeks ago too with Davy Fitz… Lee Chin was interviewed saying Davy isn’t around but he’s getting DVDs of training and communicating that way. A Few days later (while supposedly still suspended) a times or Indo reporter interviewed Davy in the car en route to training?!

There was talk of “banned from all GAA activity” in both cases but I never saw that officially written down by the GAA.