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Tiered champ?

Jaysus lads we had this already or a variation on it with the Tommy Murphy cup. Lasted 4 years and the interest in it was non existent at the end of its 4 years. It was so poor as a 2nd tier comp that it was often referred to as the Tommy Cooper Cup.

Any dressing up for 2nd tier comp in football is a waste of time in my opinion.


The tommy Murphy was a joke because of how it was designed. It was a losers competition. Need to flip that on it’s head so if you win the lower tier you get a shot at the top teams.


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In fairness, Duggan makes a good point here. The corporate governance nonsense of players constantly being muzzled is yet another example of the managerial power-trip going too far. I fully agree, what’s said in the dressing room stays there but to be told not to answer any questions? It’s treating adults like children and giving managers power that they should not have


County managers are totally out of control at all levels. And the GAA has shown no interest whatsoever in fixing this problem. And it’s the major reason so many county standard players are walking away from the game.


Talk to journalists who twist words and sensationalise things? Or tear players to shreds when many of them haven’t played the game to any level if at all themselves?! Why should they? They are amateurs after all. Jim gives interviews and is mocked for the content. Duggan should consider the past actions of his colleagues. Maybe that has more to do with it than anything. Give respect get respect …

It’s just the usual precious nonsense from the Fourth Estate.


Easy to forget that the media made a killing and a laughing stock out of Dublin GAA for a long, long time. And their coverage was not doing our teams any good overall really, partly the fault of some people inside the Dublin scene. And you look at some of the famous ‘trials by tv’ of the last 10-15 years and you can see how we ended up like this.



So they should be able to make their own decisions?

No, wait…


Amateur players vs professional journos.

Very rare you see a well written article these days.


Agree, journalists just don’t like it when people dare not to talk to them. Despite them constantly twisting words etc it drives them mad.


The media should stop going to those things as they are beyond useless. Players should be able to speak with the media if they want unless it impacts on their performance or they start discussing internal issues.

Whether you then give much thought to what they say is another thing.


Don’t understand?


Amateurs don’t tend to have almost every aspect of their life controlled by an overseer.


Don’t think that’s the case at all. Protecting young lads from journalists who will do anything to make a click bait story is common sense imo. Do you think Diarmo would happily sit there chewing the fat with these guys after the vilification he’s had?

It’s not a player’s job to sell newspapers.


Different argument.


It’s not. It’s two sides of the same coin.


I’m sorry Al, its the same argument. Why should these Journos who have collectively gone out and targeted players etc be given the time of day? None of them sat back before they published an article saying “These are only Amateur players”. They created this reluctance from Players & Management to give interviews.


My issue is players being told not to. If they don’t want to fine. If they’re being told not to that’s a different story.


I think that blanket bans on talking to the media are too restrictive. Obviously there are certain things which should be confidential & kept within the set up (as in nobody outside should be told, media or not) and all players should be given media training, but after that if they want to talk let them.

However journalists need to do a better job of convincing players to talk to them, they are not owed access. The way the media reacted to Cluxton not doing much media is telling. They need to start improving their own performances and stop whinging about factors outside of their control.