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Switch hampsey for murchan and not too far off at all.
Arguably comer for Murphy too and o’ceallaigh for Wiley.


Depressing that Ciaran Murphy is now using the insulting, lazy and inaccurate term “financial doping”…


Yes, indeed Comer. Murphy is only really there as the default full forward they put in when no one else stands out, but Comer did in a lot of games. Murphy only had one decent game I thought. Flynn with Kildare maybe deserved it more then Murphy too.


I’d have Rock in ahead of both Comer and Murphy easily.


Is he? If I had subscribed i’d Be reconsidering that now.,


I would too. I’m a bit baffled really, possibly his best year yet.


Dublin empire built on solid structures from grassroots up (via @IrishTimes)


Excerpt from Ciaran’s article. The term even forms a paragraph heading! I am drafting my letters of complain to both the Irish Times and Second Captains now…

Financial doping
The third problem is the lack of competitiveness. There have always been great teams. Dublin have been the beneficiaries of financial doping in recent years, and if, as seems to be the case even in the capital, everyone now agrees that can’t continue, their other major advantage reverts to the same advantage they’ve had since the start of the association – population. And that has proven not to be quite the guarantee of success in the past that you’d have thought.



The Snorish Times.


it was such a shame the way Cork killed off ladies football and everyone gave up the sport. RIP Ladies football.

Year Winners Runners up
2017 Dublin Mayo
2016 Cork Dublin
2015 Cork Dublin
2014 Cork Dublin
2013 Cork Monaghan
2012 Cork Kerry
2011 Cork Monaghan
2010 Dublin Tyrone
2009 Cork Dublin
2008 Cork Monaghan
2007 Cork Mayo
2006 Cork Armagh
2005 Cork Galway


I don’t think many people care that much about Ladies football unfortunately


Of course not, but, it is a sport growing in popularity in a big way, despite a level of domination far in excess of what Dublin have achieved to date in the men’s game. all this talk of lads giving up because they can’t beat dublin. simply didn’t happen in ladies football.

(some record all the same!)


doesnt happen in mens football either.


Split cork.


Cork won all those titles because they had brilliant teams with outstanding individual players and the hunger to keep going ( a bit like a current outstanding team that continues to smash the record books) Dublin came up short against them on many occasions ( including league finals). Instead of feeling sorry for themselves , they worked hard to get to the required standard and got their reward last year, and will, hopefully triumph again on Sunday. Long term domination is never an issue in the GAA ( or in the media)… unless it’s us that’s doing the dominating.


That’s kinda my point. Get on with it. There’s no all Ireland’s for pissin & moaning. If there was Laois and kildare would be unstoppable.


Hundreds buy tickets for Roscommon GAA’s Dublin house raffle (via @IrishTimes)


Interesting that 60% support a tiered football championship


It would be even more interesting to see what counties those 60% are from. It’s one thing wanting a tiered championship if you’re from Dublin, Kerry, Mayo, etc. Quite another if you’re from Leitrim, Wicklow, Longford, etc.


Good point, would make for an interesting breakdown.