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Ian O’Riordan quoting Declan Darcy as saying the DC can still be part of the 2019 team if he wishes. I’d say @alanoc is having a laugh at that!


Sure why wouldn’t he? Was the same for CK and Jack, everyone has to get an invite, and an option to say no. What’s he supposed to say, “DC is back in the squad” or “we badly want D back in the squad” (and thereby insult whoever he might replace) without actually inviting/asking?


I’d love to see him back (so long as everyone that matters is happy). There are people on here who know the score more than I do, however.


More twaddle from The Messiah. Fitness fitness speed power fitness speed power blah blah blah. The Fear, the fear, the fear, the sky is falling in!! :fearful: Oopsy I forgot to mention Galway. “emblematic”?? Yoohoo, Mayo, Yoohoo, it’s me, Guru Jim, yous lads still looking for a coach? Here’s what your doing wrong lads, yis need to put your forwards in front of yer backs as sweepers, it’s a master plan, keep it to yer selves, this time next year I, err, we will take the country by storm, nobody will expect what’s coming, fooools, I’m going to destroy them all!!! :dizzy_face::crazy_face:


Agreed. To see him play again on the big stage, those sublime skills


I’m sure they would welcome him back. I just don’t see it happening.


I’d say if you’d told him 9 years ago what his medal haul would be at this stage he’d have been disappointed. “What? Only 5 IC and 2 Club All-Irelands?”. :wink:


As long as whether he is or is nt is put to bed early and the story dies. No distractions needed when history is trying to be achieved . I would like him to be back as I think he deserves to be part of it. But it’s his business so if he is nt let’s move on quickly.


Nobody knows the score here more than you beeko let’s be honest :grinning:(dub09 thinks he does but he was a point or two out).


GAA Statistics: How much has Gaelic football changed in the last decade? (via @IrishTimes)


What I read from that article (though I am sure it’s not what is meant in it) is that no matter what way football has changed (and it hasn’t been one sudden change - there have been new rules and tactics introduced at various stages in those 10 years), Dublin have adapted the best each time and no matter what teams throw at Dublin, by and large, Dublin have had the answers.



Very complimentary, in fairness.


We finally battered him into submission? Wait til the new coaches take over and his dander is up again though… Unless it’s a case of his own mates being snubbed or whatever. With Fitzy gone I suppose all bets are off


If anything happen to clifford (Oz or injury) Kerry are in real trouble.


It’s fair enough alright. I note we’ve nobody in FF line



Mannion relocated to accommodate others in the full-forward line and maybe Mannion himself. Scully might have had a stronger shout but not over Howard or Kilkenny.

Any team that lines out with Howard, Fenton and Kilkenny will be very hard to beat. Thank God they’re each quite young.


I think there should have been another 6 Dubs included !!


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That’s the team of the year that I would agree most with. There are a lot floating around, but that is the one that has mostly ignored the noise and looked at the performances.

Murphy is maybe the one I mightned have included, but I can’t think of anyone else really screaming for the spot, maybe Rock.