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Last year’s most successful graduate, Niall Scully, played in five of Dublin’s six championship matches, including the All-Ireland final, and started four of them. His energy and hard running were obvious assets at wing forward but some of his finishing could have been better, and this is the aspect of his game that has shown a marked improvement, from 1-6 in 13 appearances last year to 4-11 in the 11 to date this season.

That is some improvement.


That’s something else, Kilkenny’s role and scoring stats have changed likewise i’d say.

Jim is good for giving lads a chance, getting into the team and then developing their game.


Fenton too is scoring more this year. It’s clear Gavin emphasised the need for them all to step up their scoring with Brogan and Connolly not there.


I’m amazed they are odds-on to win tomorrow.


Amazing isn’t it, kerry relying on a few minors who haven’t done anything at u21 level.


Kerry are always favourites. I hope to ■■■■ the farney beat them but the only thing is cranky features will be favourite fir that job if Fitz gets the bullet


This game has so much riding on it. If Kerry lose it’s a huge set-back though they may then have the opportunity to bring through a new broom which will ultimately see real progress. On the other hand of they dig out a win in really tough circumstances it could be the making of their very young team, so there’s a big opportunity in this for them too.

For Monaghan though there’s more at stake, lose this and they are reaching the end of an era, as they will have to beat Galway to have any chance of progress, and even then I think they wouldn’t go further than that. So a really massive game. Can’t wait.



I’ll think I will buy the hard copy of that today. Wipe my arse with Jim’s article and declare there Jim yer full of shit.


I think he wants to be next Dublin coach, Jim for Jim.


Pure jerra last line though


If that happens I’ll be joining you in kiwi land.


Bang on the money Margaret from Finglas. In other IT news, Darragh O Sé was surprisingly complimentary about us this week.




Not surprising at all, because it wasn’t real praise, it’s him trying to generate as much of a sense of favouritism for us as possible.


Jim McGuinness: How to put wow factor back into Gaelic football
via The Irish Times

I know it is very easy call something clever just because it agrees with something you already think. But, hmm, this is clever!

I have made these points here before (said he trying to sound even more clever then Jim) but the rules have to evolve to suit the game and what is laid out in this article will put the game at the level people want, or what they think they want. Lateral hand passing isn’t the problem, it is the solution to facing 15 men behind the 45 line.

Do away with the 15 men behind the ball and the lateral passing is no longer a good tactic. Especially if the ball cant be played backwards over the halfway line. But if you eliminate the backwards pass without stopping the 15 men behind the ball, it will encourage, not discourage blanket defenses. So they have to be rule changes that work together to influence the flow of the game and they would definitely work. However getting something nuanced like that through Congress is probably impossible and we will probably end up with some fudge that does nothing.


I read the Irish Times every day but an article by Jim McGuiness of all fcuking people writing about how to put the wow factor back in Gaelic football is beyond absurd … way beyond.

As I said last week, the man’s lack of self awareness knows no bounds …


its a bit like a guy vommiting all over you and handing you a hankie to clean yourself up with.


He must be copying and pasting Brendan Rogers tactics?


Jack McCaffrey: ‘When we cross the white line we’ll kill you’ (via @IrishTimes)