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Yaw … but it’s alright for Mayo to have all the traffic lights in their colours in the run up to the finals they’re in.

On Heffo - obviously the family’s wishes come first and they are definitely calling it on the basis of the no fuss type of man he was. Pity though - he deserves to be honoured for bringing so much to the city - joy, identity, pride and Sam!


That goes without saying but even something as simple as a bust or something small would be nice. But if the family don’t want anything at all then so be it.


The banner passed down over the hill before the 2013 final with his image on it was a great moment I thought. A great Dublin moment for a great Dublin man .


Should be a giant hologram moving and talking at Liberty Hall, bit like the ones in Bladerunner (but with his clothes on). (not that I’m saying he wouldn’t have had a good bod).


liam kerins, tipp and waterford football getting a good old dose of this at the moment with the new munster championship structures.