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The actual headline in the print edition was

Cork can target Kerry in midfield and win by a couple of points

Pure cute hoorism …


Interesting move, fair play to him. It’s a significant step for him.


What’s Chinese for “I beat dublin once”?


Funnily he showed highlights of the 2012 final win rather than of the 2014 semifinal, which was clearly the better win in terms of coaching and tactics.


What does 1.4 billion people behind the ball look like …


Clearly going for the money and to work with a top coach. I wonder if he’ll relocate his wife and 5 odd kids from west donegal to china. I’d have my doubts

I’d imagine it’s probably a very lucrative gig --He’ll be giving up his GAA ties in the media


Wouldn’t begrudge him the dosh - fair play always right to put family first.

But he won’t be able to send lads up trees to spy on the opposition in China … because there’s no Peking any more …


hasn’t he got a newspaper gig? sure he did his damage at the carlow match so he’ll be happy at that.



It’s his job, so he has to earn money at it really. But China is a hard enough place for a north European (especially of the Donegal variety), the summers are horribly humid and close, in a big city its worse. I wouldn’t envy him his time there.


He has a bit of a Ming-in look about him in fairness. Interesting move, wonder what the long game is.


Win Sam Soon.


Presumably they’ll get an interpreter for the Chinese.


Probably not - he will stick with the 35 with fried rice :wink:


Declan Bogue anyone? Normally I like Jim’s stuff but the hypocrisy oozes from this article…


Surprised wasn’t written in Chinese. Tripe.


I don’t think he’s ever written his articles., I think Keith Duggan does that for him.


Brolly always refers to them as “Jimmys weekly conversation with the Irish times” :joy:


retract his comments… says McGuinness? His a fecking hypocrite to the last.


In fairness Gavin’s tirade was illogical to the outside world. But it wasn’t meant for the outside world, it was meant for within the camp.


wouldn’t call it a tirade, he was just putting manners on a sleeveen who works for the national broadcaster