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Probably not… but not losing as much as The Examiner…
IT online version might be doing ok, I dunno?


Dunno either. I actually subscribed to the online. Otherwise everything is going to end up as Click bait trash like the journal.


Operating at a profit in 2016


I subscribed online to the IT too. The archives are the best thing about that. You can look at old match reports etc. I give Bishop O’Toole and most of the rest of them a miss. But I hope it can keep going or we’ll have no decent newspaper.
The Indo online is even worse than the Journal. Unbelievable crap.


At least the I.T. is owned by a trust and not by a despot.


Examiner sport can be very good. They have a couple of good writers and take good soccer stuff from the UK. It will be very interesting to see where the Examiner moves editorially. They will or should not replicate the Times - it has a unique niche. Hopefully they don’t dumb down … too much. The will probably rationalise across areas - speciality correspondents etc. There is also a chance they could go tabloid as it would leave the IT as the only broadsheet.


Would the IT go tabloid? There’d be howls of anguish from old dears in the Monkstown and Kingstown areas. The Guardian will be tabloid soon I’ve heard. It’s a better fit for the bar stool in my opinion!


I meant they might make the Examiner a tabloid leaving themselves as the sole broadsheet.


I hope neither go knacker size - ie tabloid. The sports in the Examiner is aeons ahead of the Irish Times, as it happens. There is room for both. What is really needed is a decent Sunday paper. Unlikely at this stage.


Examiner sport is very good if a little cork/munster centric, if they had that level of sports coverage nationwide it’d be very good. Kinda like tg4 to RTÉ.


Absolutely agree. On Saturdays and Mondays it is brilliant. I would love it to do for Dublin GAA what it does for Cork. This would have twin benefits. No more need for Herald and no more painful Niall Scully. The poor cnut thinks he’s Con Houlihan when in fact what he writes is just awful. There are serious writers in the Examiner.


Ah leave Niall alone met him a few good times. Very shy individual doesn’t fancy himself. Nice fella. Unlike cunty balls cabbage.


Yeah I like his writing. He puts a lot of effort into it even if it’s a division 6 clash.


Scully may not be an award winning journalist but he is the only one that covers Dublin club football, and as has been said he puts as much into a report on an afl 6 game as the county final. If he wasn’t doing it nobody would.


A good skin with great passion for Dublin football


The Guardian went Tabloid in spirit ages ago, A tabloid for Gender Studies undergraduates that is


I know he is sound. I know his heart is in it. The way he writes is dreadful though. Sorry but it is.


Has it not been available in tabloid format for ages? One of the few non-right wing maniac papers in the UK i’d have thought.


It’s not an actual tabloid size. Its a bit bigger and they call it a ‘Berliner’ to differentiate it from plebeian comics like the Sun.


McDonalds were going to go into the newspaper industry with an even bigger tabloid called a ‘Hamburger’ … ah no - I’m telling a Whopper here.