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You mean couches…


Are you sure you are not Falcon?


These kinds of articles …

… Are very strange. Do we have articles bout parts of the country where there’s little or no rugby/cricket?

I generally like clerkin but he also had a recent article bout club championships being on tv and it being hard to watch them a as the standard is so low, and as a neutral you only want to see county champions pitted against each other. (Don’t agree) but I feel the same about the pro12 (or whatever it’s called now).


Yeah there’s not much rugby or cricket here in D11 and I doubt the IRFU or Cricket Ireland give a toss. He’s only short of mentioning “garrison games”!
I’d agree with the point that Louth have the population to be a lot better than they are.


True … but Meath and Kildare … and even Wicklow more so …


That well regarded northern scribe and hurling savant, Malachy Clerkin has Ballygunner to beat Na Piarsaigh and Mount Leinster to beat Kilcormac. He is wrong on both counts.


Can you not see a chance for either to happen?


Have you seen Na Piarsaigh? Even without Dowling, unless they implode, they’ll be there in March. Kilcormac are an ageing team of very big men who can all hurl. The Healions alone should beat the Carlow boys.


Look, you may well be right.
How many times have we seen teams win games easily until they meet a well seasoned team who have come through some tough games. Ballygunner may not have the flair that Na P have, but they will be a very different proposition to what Na P have played so far. Na P rightly favourites. A serious club side. But I just think BG will give them their fill of it and take it in a tight game.
KK should win. This time of year suits them and their size. If MLR have their full team I’d expect a tight battle, but hearing they have a few men out, which would hinder them.
I’d go with BG and KK in those games. Although certainly not as confident as yourself.
Cuala should have too much experience for Martins. Martins very young. But a very definite unknown quantity, which can be dangerous.


Interesting article on Cuala by Sean Moran in today’s IT. They’re bursting at the seams due to the popularity of Gaelic games and DLR CoCo has only enough green space for 8 pitches, between all sports, in the whole county.


Thanks for sharing that and I never knew Mick Holden was schuttes uncle.


Yeah, Margret Holden is their mother.


Fair analysis from Sean Moran, in my opinion. Gives Amoan Grumpy a ticking off, too.


Excellent and fair. Thanks Sean Moran.


Good article … not sure he gives Dunphy a tickin off and in a way he demeans his point by referencing him… hard to believe that a non gaa journalist actually becomes some kinda reference and particularly ones such as grumpy n cabbage ( got be a tv show in dat name ) … whether gaa journalist agree or disagree with them they shud stop discreetly referencing them n call them out for the bullshit they write about their sport … I mean imagine a gaa journalist calling the Irish rugby team a bunch of overrated spoofer :eyes:


How, why in the name of all that’s holy is that boil on the arse of humanity Eamon Dunphy still been listened to ??? He had the neck to call Ireland a kip cpl months ago and didn’t get called out on it


Agree , and I doubt he ever met a Dublin player. It appears it’s in the constitution that his opinion has to be sought on every issue in Ireland.


He doesn’t even have a bloody clue about the Wendy ball ffs. He used to slag off Ronaldo and goes on about Ireland’s world class players :joy:


I see The Irish Times is buying The Examiner. Will The Examiner become a financial ball-and-chain to The Irish Times that the IT cannot endure?


Is the Irish Times making money?