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Why can’t they say Keegan instead of a mayo player ffs


In the words of Wayne, ol Darragh’s a bit of a nut bar really. Mayo are better than Kerry or Tyrone of the last decade because they should have won one All-I in the last few years? :dizzy_face:




This is a whopper. Good morning and enjoy your Saturday. Up the Dubs.


Jesus , he really had to pad out that sympathy piece . I’d actually be embarrassed if other counties pityed us as much as Mayo are getting now .


Had a look at it online earlier - think it says more about Keith Duggan than anything else .

Next week, the story of the Mayo family whose dog was run over by a Dublin car …


Well all I can say we have one more day to go before the mayo sympathy train reaches its final destination, there will be very little to be said after that. I wonder when all these journos will turn on Mayo? After all they are fickle bunch of ■■■■■, the journos that is.

But I must ask a question as to how come so called pundits like canavan, Liston, Keane, mcguinness can constantly keep calling for the other team and writing about them and not get pulled up about it by their ghost writer or sports editor?


Gaa is still a culchies sport and they whimper to their audience
If sky got rid of canavan I would watch it he hates Dublin so much I physically can’t listen to him


God bless Malachy Clerkin. He isn’t joining the Mayo pity party.


Holy Shit…did Kevin McStay really say its not in Mayo’s DNA to be blackguarding?

How in the name of Christ did he say that and keep a straight face? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


He must have read it off the autcue , could have been a mix up there , JOConnor probably left some notes behind him on the sofa


Very enjoyable read. Sorry to read of his fathers illness. Well done Malachy Clerkin, just let the subject tell the story


I hadnt spotted K Duggans second article in the Sports Section, only reading it on the back page now, good article


'Tis the only logical explanation.


Duggan making a very good point that we have key people the last seven years to make all this happen

Costello gilroy gavin off the field and the likes of connolly cluxton McCarthy - without this group lwe’d have won nothing - it’s not just about process or development squads - our minor teams are average enough


That is horrendous stuff. It is like what a 10 year old says when his team loses. I know the GAA is all about tribalism, but you have to let it go at some stage!


Philly’s article is honest and hugely revealing. This team is self driven in its quest for optimum performance and perfection. They drive each other on. Really telling to see Dermo seek out Jonny C after - that’s real honesty to each other. The outside world is not a factor in this squad. Everything is driven from within. There is an absolute belief in what they do but more importantly an absolute belief and trust in each other. That is very hard to beat.