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Well , for a start it didnt have the gif file extension :wink:



Well , for a start it didnt have the gif file extension :wink:


Excellent work! So what is the gif file ext, and where does one find it?


just type in .gif at the end of the file, as long as it is an animated gif in the first place.



REVEALED: Indo in clickbait shocker



Dublin peaking and primed to complete All-Ireland hat-trick (via @IrishTimes)


Dublin looking to make history, just as history has made Dublin (via @IrishTimes)


I admire the insight of the last paragraph or two here, very thoughtful stuff, thought-provoking.


I find Duggan tired and uninspiring these days . He had a lot of potential as a write bit at this point he’s been captured by the system


I find him a hard read, in general, on any matches/key players/issues. Very laboured writing.


He was very good until Mc Guinness arrived


I think he’s good. Though not as good as he who cannot be mentioned anymore was.


Don’t find that insightful at all just another frustrated hack trying to figure out Gavin. Get the message lads he doesn’t give away because you the media are faced ■■■■■.


True but I still think he’s possibly on the ball there, and no obvious agenda about it.

I think one of our biggest tests today is not to be distracted like we seemed to be in the league final and after the Carlow game. Somebody around then said it was good timing as it let alot of tension out at a time when it didn’t matter too much, and that things would settle later on. That seems to have been proven spot on, though today is by far the biggest test of it with all the mind-games from within and without.

From the Rochford/Mayo side, this is definitely the quietest I’ve ever seen them coming into a final, and that’s taking into account they have beaten Kerry for the first time in 21 years and come through 4 replays. Though the comparison of their year with Kerry’s 2009 doesn’t hold true to me. The nearest comparisons are Dublin 95 and Cork 2010. A good thing for us is that neither of those final winners had to beat a team nearly as good as Dublin, though the opposition are certainly better than Down were in 2010, and alot more experienced and proven than Tyrone were in 95.

Christ Cork were lucky to get that All-I in 2010. Kerry completely fooked it away, and we were a bit robbed.


Funny I thought we were going for a 3 in a row


I’m going for my third bottle of rum in a row



Anybody got the copy of the full articles?



Much obliged Tbf! Guru Lucky Jim, he missed a couple of things with his Chinese whispers. That him of all people saying “you don’t have to be cynical” is utterly laughable. And that the time used up by what “I can’t condone” Dublin did after the free was then given back with a minute on top for luck.

Lucky missed that because all he cared about was Mayo winning. Like the Longford chap who ran out of the bar from beside me and away home as soon as the famous free was awarded.

The Luckster also didn’t mention how Dublin learned some tricks of the trade from having suffered at the hands of those who introduced them on a systematic scale - Tyrone, Donegal 2011, Mayo 2012. Kerry 2014.
Guru L, you reap what you sow.

What alot of experts fail to understand or more’s the point, to admit about Mayo is they have used the rules and resources to perfect a system to stop Dublin forwsrds/attackers being able to do what Kerry ones were allowed do in 2004,06,07, and 09. What Tyrone could do to us in 08.

That has come through resources, which include having hired McEntee and Buckley the last 2 or 3 years, and built on what Horan brought back from Oz, and didn’t they get help from Lucky G before the final last year too? It’s the campaign to stop Dublin, at all costs. It’s not illegal. It gets the best out of what Mayo have.

If those guys stay on they will bring it again next year. Mayo will probably win Connaught. They have nothing now to learn from the qualifiers, and the risk of losing is too great. And everyone knows their submarine trick now.

They need an extra point or two from somewhere, and hope that Connolly and McMenamon and a couple of our fullbacks can’t be as effective. But will some of their best options be as effective either?

It’s possible that a very fast and talented Kerry will emerge and catch us out but unlikely Fitzy can pull it together unless he gets a very brilliant assistant coach, not to mention the basics of getting younger lads up to speed physically and mentally.
If Mayo lose Buckley they are buckleyed.