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If there isn’t a go-to player, then your collective system needs to be operating at a very high level. For instance, Tyrone do not have Stephen O’Neill or Peter Canavan anymore. So their collective system is well-oiled and calibrated to provide whoever ends up with the ball with a reasonable scoring opportunity.

I can’t agree with this at all. A classic case of the complete absence of this was Tyrone’s performance in last year’s QF, ironically against Mayo. There was no such collective system as Tyrone made a complete mess of the last ten minutes with crazy shooting from anywhere and anyone. Jim’s point just doesn’t stack up.

Similarly in his own team’s Final appearance of 2014 there was no sign of these ‘Shared Mental Models’ or having a collective objective.

Comparing them to Monaghan too is a bit ingenuous given that Mayo nor very few other teams have a forward of the calibre of McManus.


Bet Tyrone would kill for a Canavan or O’Neill this year. The “system” is clearly only going to take them so far.


They are similar to Mayo in that they have little or no quality in the forwards. Jim’s point doesn’t stand up at all.


Ah his point kind of does stand up, without a very well organized and disciplined system Tyrone simply wouldn’t be making it to Qtr finals and semis on a regular basis. But it’s the brilliant leader forwards who add the extra level.

There’s very few examples of teams winning All-Is without two brilliant leader forwards and at least one top class free-taker. Dublin managed to squeak over the line in 95, and Cork in 2010, both similar examples, both had a very reliable free-taker(Cork had 2), though I remain convinced Cork were incredibly lucky that year, ref and linesman to some extent handed them the seni-final, and then they got a Down team in the final who went on to prove the weakest team to make a final since Mayo 2006.

At least Dublin 95 got the winners of the strongest Ulster championship in history


Mayo are making it to quarters, semis … and finals … without any system per Jim … read the article. It simply doesn’t stand up imo … and not for the first time …

He is trying to make the point on the basis of the current Mayo and Tyrone teams - who quite similarly have very little quality up front - and suggests that Tyrone’s ‘processes’ make them better. Clearly not true - with the QF last year that was actually between the two proving the point …


Mayo do have a system since 2011/12, and have refined it except for 2015 when they changed it and weren’t as well organized. An important part of the reason Mayo have been so close to winning or not getting beaten by more in the finals and semis the last few years, as against in the 00s is because they have been much better organised


Ok tell Jim that … he thinks they have none


Yeh, in his extreme world of ‘ultra-systems’ theirs is not, but it’s alot more system than they used to have, especially in defense. Nobody has been as ‘system’ as Tyrone and Donegal, Kerry and Dublin have got a lot more systemy in the last 10 years though, by stages.

We are actually agreeing and McGs point is a bit pointless because Mayo have been much closer to winning Sam the last 5 years than Tyrone, despite not really having better forwards. They do though have the best free-taker, Tyrone don’t.


This be good …


Interesting article by Brian O’Connor. I remember him writing a few years ago that he didn’t like Gaelic Football anymore so he was finished with it. It must be the thrilling Dublin team that has changed his mind.



Here we go again, keep the propoganda churning, blatant or subtle, masquerading as objective but the same question always occurs to me around articles like this, when have such things EVER been written or spoken about ANY other team/county in the history of the GAA (other than perhaps a small scale version back in the 70s about Dublin ruining the game)?

Kk dominating hurling for the last 15 years? Ah sure proper order, liginds boy, everything that’s great about the game etc etc blah blah. Kerry, whatever your having yerself, yerra yerra yerra, Guardians of the Holy Grail, blah blah. “Famine and pestilence and crisis for the game and rural depopulation”, when they don’t win an All-I for 3 years.

It’s always an irrefutable argument anyway because the fact is that Dublin has the most population etc etc etc. It is such a boring and lazy conversation, and if this was a murder mystery/thriller I’d nearly believe these articles are clandestinely generated by the DCB media arm…


The next moan will be Dubs get all the Media attention… :sob: :sob:


Being a cute hoor is one thing - getting paid for it is another … flies in the face of about three year’s form …


Bear in mind that Cork have home advantage, though…

Oh… wait… they don’t.


I’d be really surprised if Cork can get within 10 points of Kerry. I would be shocked if the game was in anyway close (say less than 5 points in it).


“I can see Cork winning by a couple of points”

Jesus, Mad prediction from a Kerry man. Normally they talk up the opposition but never go against the Kingdom no matter how they try. O Se must be trying the next level of mind games. Unchartered area for them.

His prediction makes no sense.