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"So that’s where it’s kind of breaking ground. And obviously, the charities were very much to the fore of it as well. “I’ve been very, very fortunate in my career to get a lot of support from different people. “This is a way of giving back because I am conscious I am probably old news already but I will certainly be old news by 2018. This is probably me signing off. That’s basically the reasons behind it.”

I have to say I wouldn’t agree with this at all. If it was 100% for charity yeah but otherwise no. Seriously if this was Alan B or Whelo or someone there’d be uproar - and that’s a fact. Am surprised it hasn’t had more comment.


The KMM are hardly likely to go after one of their own. So that is a good 75% of the nations meeja biting their lip and saying 'nowt. :roll_eyes:

Very cute of him, to announce it during the run up to the AI final too, when most of the attention is on Dublin/Mayo & not all the off the pitch stuff that will start filling the papers in a couple of weeks.


I think we need to focus on not giving away as many close range frees as we did last year, although IMO the ref moved them in 13m way to often and not sure all were frees to begin with. The form of the COC this year suggests that if outside or on the edge of 45m then he hasn’t got enough confidence to kick them. These close range kicks kept Mayo in it last year.


It paves the way for everyone else now . There’ll certainly be a few off our team who can put themselves forward for future engagements .


That’s a terrible load of crap. If he wants to help charities, send them some money.
Personally, wild horses wouldn’t drag me to something like this for any player.


Now, now. I believe the correct term these days, is “maximizing your brand potential.” :confused:


How much is he getting? im surprised because all I’ve ever heard about him is how decent he is with his time when doing GAA stuff


I think he is in line to pocket 250,000 smackers.

“Some idea can be calculated as €250,000 has been secured by selling fifty ten-person tables at €5,000 each.”

How much of that he decides to give to the two charities is up to him.


Wonder will he be obligated to disclose how much he is donating or is that a dirty question :thinking:.
Cute hoors indeed .


Cooper is well known for being a Pratt . This is more evidence of it . This is pay for play


Posted this article already today I must be on everyone’s ignore list! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But totally agree with could only happen to a kerryman


You simply couldn’t make this shit up if it was Dublin player the tanks be rolling down O’Connell street


I had to read that article a few times to let it sink in ,and holding it Dublin as well ,what’s wrong with the gleneagles in Killarney ???


Don’t care where they hold it but it just snacks of good old jobs for the boys mentality wrapped up in while we are at it we will give a few quid to charity. Gooch gets this because he is gooch and the Marty morriseys of this world have a perpetual horn for him. Only thing I take from the article is that he states he will be old news well let’s fucking hope so.


They’ve all been poisoned?

Oh sorry…you meant the hotel…never mind ! :flushed:


I blame the faerie folk!


Hold on. He looks like Plug from the Beano and may well need that money for plastic surgery. Be fair now!


maybe admins can get this to work lol


Still laugh at that. Its so like him its scary.



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