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This is it and Moran is playing great stuff this year and loftus looks a good player.


Dean didn’t start that game, he came on for Kilkenny in the second half. Are you thinking of 2015 V Kerry in the downpour?
Kevin Mc replaced him that day, but didn’t have much more success given the awful conditions.

I think Dean’s all round game has improved significantly over the last 2 seasons, wouldn’t have any worries about him in this game.


Dean very unlucky to be subbed at ht in that game - was putting in a huge shift and was pivotal in Philly’s important point.


If Andy doesn’t score heavy how can Mayo win ?
Plus Loftus can’t score from the Hogan stand


Keegan and/or AOS breaks through for a goal, coc finds form, they’ve a good spread of scorers. Their backs get in top of our younger lads who haven’t really been tested against players this good. Boyie cintinues hos scoring etc.

They’re a good team, I think we’re better but it wasn’t by much last year.


Got bored half way through Lucky’s article, I’d hate to be stuck in an elevator with him, he adopts a position and then sets about finding little things to back it up rather than looking at the whole picture.

Lucky of course assumes that as he has only seen Dublins counter blanket offense, that this is the only game plan in our locker, and that somehow we would be wedded to it in a match v Mayo. In the drawn game last year we stuck to our tried and trusted “processes” and in fairness to Mayo they had their homework done and matched us pretty effectively in that regard. However 2 weeks later lessons had been learned and game plans tweeked to allow for the Mayo adaptations.

And so it goes on, I would imagine that both management teams are working hard on the tactical side of the game for the final, and that neither would assume that what has served them well to date will be sufficient. Whoever wins on Sunday will have earned it the hard way, that is for sure.


if you were in an elevator with him youd have to move as you would be blocking the mirror…what a preening gobsh1te but that doesnt mean some of what he is saying is not still on the button


true but i thought we were awful last year and we were lucky with the two goals.
I dont expect luck will matter this year, although Mayo are a very good side i havnt seen anything to make me believe they are better even if they run at dublin


It’s really set up for them. All the talk leading up to the weekend was about the hurt of last year so they go in with a focus of wanting to take these guys down and I think that attitude better suits a defensive team than one trying to play their way through.

lucky on tyrone before our match with them.


Their half backs could get on top of our half-forwards more this year so I would forsee Fento and Jameso pushing up to help, and Smally helping around the middle. We need to keep their half backs held as much as possible.

Our halfbacks of course also do very well, especially with Jacko back. I think we are a bit stronger in the full lines and then it’s down to intensity on the day of course.

If Mayo are to win they need to hold Mannion, Rock and Andrews, then Brogan, and EOG. And then they will also have Dermo, Maccer, and Flynner to deal with assuming they don’t start. Or to deal with anyway.

If they do manage to damage-limit our full forwards then it’s going to be down to who’s half backs do the most damage, ours haven’t been scoring like Mayos but are capable.

Looking at last year’s replay our best work was done in attack in two or three spells where we won enough possession to dictate. And then by fast, accurate moving of the ball, runs making space, and very quick accurate shooting.

Con could do what the Cosmeister did last year but he has a lot of expectation that Cos didn’t, and the game won’t be looser like it was when Cos came on.


Hmm, yes I do. But I sense from the tone of the above that this is a discussion that might not be worth having - so lets leave it at that.


On those two points, I agree 100%, holding their half backs are very key. I think Mannion will have a key role here as is strength is vital in the tackle. But whoever it is, there will be a plan of some sort for them.

On the second about O Callaghan, I hope he just goes out to do a job and is not placing huge expectation on himself to win the game on his own. He could be perfectly happy if he gets a point or two, sets up a couple and gets taken off on 50 minutes - that would be a really good days work. I think if he goes out with the plan to just do his job, there is a chance the star performance could come, but if he forces it, he probably won’t.

I wonder will Costello make the 26 even? If he does, there is probably a decent chance he could come on.


Jum is an anti-Dublin waffler who is best ignored, unless you have need of Andrews and have none in the house.


You have brought him up playing as a full forward a number of times. I just corrected you to say that he hasn’t


Yes thanks, I stand corrected, it was 2015. I thought he did well in that first half, very aggressive.


Them KMM up to their old tricks with terra this and terra that! :slight_smile:


The Darragh O’Sé kiss of death. We’re doomed


has he called a game right all year


So I presume the Ressers CEO is gonna buy a table at this shindig? :grin:


Wouldn’t be happy about this at all. Soccer bullshit. Some people have no shame.