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that got rolf harris into trouble


That was an unfortunate reply! No, do not think about kids! Think about anything else!


Jaysus lads, pointless cheap lazy sarcasm is wasted on some of yis, wasted!


Jim goes for Mayo. Where Dublin are concerned form book v wishful thinking … only one winner every time. :wink:


Love your confidence but you know as well as i do that sport doesn’t always go along form lines.


Indeed. There is no question Mayo could win this and may well do but rational analyzation should say otherwise. As in the semi though many tipped Tyrone. Some of the ‘rstionale’ used by Sweeney was just baseless. I’m happy to see so many tip Mayo and I fervently hope we produce the good in a big way and there is much egg on many faces next week!


Not one bit surprised lucky Jim has tipped mayo. If Kerry where there he would be tipping them aswell. He tipped them last year aswell if memory serves me correctly. It’s what he does.


Based on evidence I can’t see how he could tip them other than his usual form of being different to everyone on planet earth


Terrible article by Duggan/mcguiness. No mention of names or players and the way they play – just a hope that Mayo don’t let Dublin recycle the ball and win that way.

Another article just hoping that Dublin get beaten and spending the whole article figuring out ways to hope it will happen


They are playing Dublin, Thats all we need to know.


Fair enough, i’m just getting nervous! i think if we play well, we’ll win but i think Mayo have a lot of the elements to make life difficult for us, with a bit of steam behind them they’re comfortably the second best team around. Lacking forwards but if their forwards hit a purple patch on sunday they could do it.


Jim has to write something for the weekly piece.
Fair play to him , i don’t think he mentioned 2012 or 2014 in there this week and he has put forward a way to counteract the dubs , rather than saying mayo will win because they gained confidence through the qualifiers. (granted it is an awful lot for a team to go out and play like jim has described for 70+ mins)


I like McGuinness articles generally, but I think some of this just doesn’t work. The idea that you reduce your defence on the opposition going forward to stop them going backwards sounds like something that would play totally into Dublin’s hands. That would be the ultimate success of the tactic really.

But some of what he says Mayo will do naturally. They won’t have a wall of a defence, they will be more or less man to man, so guys won’t have time to linger on the sideline. Also being man to man does mean you are tighter on the opposition so limit their ability to play in any direction. So sort of inherent in their style is the ability to stop Dublin going backwards, but this is more a result rather then a design. But I just don’t agree with McGuinness’s assertion that you can squeeze the play on one sideline and leave the other one open. It might win you 70% of the ball that goes to the wing (it won’t, but it might), but you will be totally exposed for the balls you don’t get. Scully or Connelly can have the ball across the field in an instant.

But if Mayo do squeeze the play all round the field, they will leave gaps somewhere. As Darcy, I think, said during the week, they can only have 15 players on the field at one time, and there is a limit to how much squeezing 15 players can do.

My worry for Dublin is O Callaghan, I am not sure he has the physicality for this yet, especially at full forward. It is in him to score 1-4, but it could also happen that he is quiet. That man to man stuff does not suit him in every instance. He has got the headlines this year from his scoring exploits, but his core advantage skill is winning hard ball, and that is hard for a young lad of his age in an AI final against a team with the weight of history on their shoulders.

Scully likewise is light, but he is out the field where there is more space, and he is unbelievably good at wriggling out of small spaces. I have seen every game he has played this year, including the OBC games, and I don’t think he has turned over the ball once. So he might just be the man to the squeeze on the wings that McGuinness is calling for. But likewise, with young guys, it could all pass him by. As i said before here, in the last final we went into with a lot of young guys, 2013, we ended up taking off the three of them.


I personally have no worry over o Callaghan I dooo have a worry about rock who under pressure can go stale


i get where you are coming from, he can get taken off in some big games. But sometimes that is unfair I think. He got taken off at half time in the 2013 final when i thought he was having a good game and had just caused a great turnover on the stroke of half time. Rock does a lot of good in games, he gets scores by wrapping around the ball carrier and he drifts in behind for goal chances (he is also one of the best at seeing other guys who have gotten in behind). But yes, sometimes he does those under hit shots that go into the keepers hands in finals, which I often think betrays a lack of confidence at the time). But if his shooting from play is on form and his shooting from frees isn’t off form, he should be ok. I would expect he would get 90% of his frees and hopefully one or two from play, with the chance of a goal. If he does that, he is well worth his place.


Sure here is hoping


Or if not brogan gets his stage


Anyone who takes anything Mc Guinness says - seriously about the Dublin football team is fairly gullible in my view


Con hasn’t played full forward all year even though you seem to think he has. He’s played Centre forward and wing forward. And he’s plenty physical. We won’t know until sunday how we copes with off the ball stuff or the occasion of this size but he has a great head for the game


same forwards as last year and they were a free away from forcing a third final.