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My memory of it was that there was hardly a big game where the guards didn’t have to steam in to break up a row or pull someone out. You don’t see that now, although I am only talking about what I see from the comforts of the stand.

Apart from anything else, the Hill has to be the worst view anywhere in Croker. what happens on the far end of the field must be a mystery. It’s probably over 200m away from parts of the hill.


Sorry Bart, but I’m sick of this. ■■■■ right off with your bullshit, report me, mods, ban me, I couldn’t care less. I am sick of this bluffer talking shite and ruining every thread. You haven’t seen heroin on the hill. You’re a bullshitter of the highest order, I know that, you know that, this whole forum knows that. You’re a compulsive liar and I feel sorry for you, because I actually think you believe some of the shit you come out with. And don’t get me started on the Cabal shit. Cop on man.


I’ll refer you to my avatar for my answer.

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This is true.

You can be wrong without being a member of his little gang.

I really admire any zoned out druggie managing to dissolve, heat up, suck into a syringe and shoot up on the hill in the small amount of space you get, but we have seen men get to the poles, to the highest mountains and to the moon. We are a remarkable species.


They really should do it in the jacks like in the stands. Better class of drug taker there tbf.

I think there was media coverage of the coke on the hill thing a few years ago, so I am not doubting it’s being done.


It’s actually not that bad. The fun period was when the 89 hill was still up and he new croke park was finished. The hill was then at an angle to the pitch lol everyone had to stand sort of to the right or look to the right.

It rally felt that it wasn’t part of the ground at all.


The Hill bears no resemblance to what it was like in the 80s or during 90s for that matter. There was level of anarchy and danger that just doesn’t exist any more. During those times you just wouldn’t go anywhere near behind the goal. Have being standing in B3 for league & championship last 10 years or so. Really decent crowd in that area nowadays and I’m sure elsewhere across the Hill. Same bunch from a variety of clubs that we’ve got to know well over the years. The odd clown but you get that in all parts of the ground.

Not going to dignify the drug sh1te with a response. Some people here have to feel superior to others for whatever reason. Couldn’t give a fook. I know what I’ve seen myself. Wouldn’t watch Dublin game from anywhere else.


B3 for me too, used to be B2, which is roughly where I stood on the previous two versions.

Everything you say is true, I know we all get less tolerant of things as we age but to say that the hill today is the same as it was in those days is startling. Even the denizens of section C are a poor imitation of what used to lurk behind the goals.


I’m sure Berno is flattered to be confused with me.


You forget to factor in that the sun (if it’s out) constantly blinds you if you’re on the hill. Most people resort to using a hand as a visor but I’ve lost the use of both hands due to excessive heroin use in the Hill16 end.


If you smoke it you only need one hand :wink:


What do you think alcohol is lads… The biggest problem drug in the country.


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Agree a fecking disease on this country.


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What about the helmet pulling?


What you do in your own time is your business :kissing_heart:


Think of the kids! :wink: