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Sorry don’t believe that … sure it would keep them awake …


What the f*** do you mean by that?


All this reminds me of a lad in the comp who decided to make roll ups using some newspaper and tea leaves.

So we were all going home and as we were going through the roundabout where there were underpasses beneath the road he decided to light up. The newspaper wasn’t rolled that tight.

Cue the inferno.

So this thing was blazing away, he inhales a load of smoke and burning tea leaves, and does a great impression of a fire eater as he spits it all out clutching his throat and face.

Childhood memories.

You don’t get that in hogan stand, lads.


Not much at this point . But I’ve a wide experience of life .


Mine is factual too :blush:. This isn’t the weather forecast :blush:


A Dublin hurler score a goal from a peno?


There’s an amazing orange colour to the full moon rising right now.

Since we’ve moved into weather


The weather for the 83 All-I final is the worst I’ve ever experienced at a Snr IC championship game. Similar to what Ireland getting in the next few days


That explains why you’re an expert on every subject there is… although some might say your wide experience of life has left your opinion wide of the mark on pretty much everything



Tbf to @TheLoneRanger I think he’s called the last four AIs , except '15 , which was probably our most comfortable win .But in the leadup the media were blowing smoke up Kerry’s asses & a lot of us were believing it too .I’ll never forget an OTB roadshow where they had a few Kerry liginds on it .Think it Ambrose O’Donovan on it & mid way he broke into song , “5 goals in the rain” .Well , that Muppet was put back in his box after that rainy day I can tell ya !


There was an awful deluge for the semi-final in 1995 when Offaly beat the Cats by 10 points. God I’d love to see that happen again, with or without the rain!


Was that a Leinster Semi-Final?
In 1985 Galway hammered Cork in a Semi-Final only to fall again in a final to Offaly.


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Police have been called in after Barts claims of drug taking on the Hill.
After extensive searching and rewatching of video which showed a giddy group of supporters with powder in their noses , the offending items were found at the back of Section C . A group of lads were indeed indulging in eating a bag of fizzy sherbets
They have been let of with a caution. :wink:


Just remember energy is gold .


Some say Dublin are a sherbet for Sam …


Just because I’m not a fully paid up member of your little gang . Doesn’t mean I’m wrong :blush:


Well it worked for us in 2015 didn’t it? And 13, and 16. But this is our hardest job of doom ever. Trying to wipe dopey smirks and cheeky chuffedness, and smarmy smiles off faces in the run up to this final after the Tyrone game is proving almost impossible.

As for the 2015 final, well they were brutal but it still sticks in my craw that we didn’t batter tham. Fento’s goal chance would have opened the floodgates I feel. Tra la la la la la, indeed. And we would have battered them in this final too.


I have seen lads s openly snorting coke on the hill. There are kids there. It’s not on.


Sorry Berno. Leinster final.