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Heroin on the hill? Give over


Heroin on the hill what???


Is in their hole.


Heroin on the hill :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Molly Malone was a heroine of The Hill.


It’s Bart lads, he says what he wants and doesn’t have to back it up.


‘Stop harranguing me Rochey’.


Don’t have to . Its been posted by others here . What’s the weather like today :blush:


Find me where someone else mentioned heroin on the hill and I will personally pay for all your drinks for the rest of your life.


Yep. Didn’t back it up. No change there.

Oh, and look out your window for the weather!


I thought though as the resident Michael fish though I could save the energy :blush:
I saw someone at the back of the hill chasing the dragon


Never ever saw or heard of anyone seeing heroin on the hill. The IVD/narcotic users of Dublin don’t tend to go to crowded areas to use a drug that requires extensive paraphernalia to use. They tend to go into quiet areas where they can use their drugs and enjoy their hit. Hill 16 is the last place on earth they’d go to. That’s factual and not anecdotal.


Is there anything you haven’t seen??


Hank is out to play.


Bart come on there is gange and Coke but that nah no way


Heroin on the hill is rubbish, maybe it’s the old coke on the hill story rehashed (:sunglasses:)

For someone who says they have been on the hill for 30 years to say it is as bad as it was in the old hill days must be leading a very odd life. I show my lads video footage of te real hooliganism which went on there and they are shocked that it happened and that I was there when it happened. Nowadays you get (on Dublin days) stupid shouting or singing or booing and the odd fool at the most.

Seen spliffs, sure, and seen lads who looked coked up, but coke is everywhere today. My wife is a civil servant and there’s coke dust in the jacks at her work most weeks.


HR introduced the coke to get the fuckers movin’.


Jaysus @dubintipp you have them well brain washed so! :joy:


Hasn’t worked. Paranoia is on the increase though!


It’s like that scene in a clockwork orange.