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We truly are the keepers of the an flame nua :yum::yum:


Didn’t think you still go there from the tone of previous posts, and to say “the hill” when you agree that there were applause is just base generalisation. Where I was standing there were far more applauding than booing.


Still go there kid as the abuse in the stands isn’t worth it anymore . Generally if you’re the opposite side of the Hill to the army then you’re in the right spot …maybe
But you’re right I’ve seen all kinds of everything there now


Would have to agree. It was very noticeable where the booing was coming from. And it wasn’t the stands.


It was coming from the stands too, I could hear it and three friends who I met afterwards said there was a similar mix in the hogan and canal where they were.


I see we’ve finally all cracked and truly believe our own hype. Suppose it comes to us all


Was very proud to see our players and most fans, show cavanagh the respect his career deserves.


Hogan and Cabal???


Generally he was applauded in Croke park
If some people booed him so be it I won’t be having sleepless nights about it
It showed what it meant to him at the end

Best bit was COS and cluxton hugs it was touching, I nearly shed a tear , nearly

There is no point t going over the bunch behind the goal it’s something that comes with success whether we like it or not


I was on the Hill too and there were plenty applauding him. So like dublintipp said there were mixture of reactions as there would have been everywhere.

I love a good generalisation as much as the next man but I do try to take balanced view now and again. I’d recommend it!


I’ll stick to what I know thanks. I find it serves me very well


There are generally a load of fucking scobes on the hill, behind the goal. I suspect they know little about GAA and are soccer lads out for the day. They’d know a major name like Jayo or Berno but nothing apart from that. They are largely not under age, always pissed and have a bit of coke with them too to brighten up their day. Some of the stuff they chant is disgusting and clearly borrowed from soccer. We would be much better off if they were not let in. Bart is telling the truth on this one and most of us are aware of that. We are only one nasty incident away from the powers that be putting in seats and I for one would hate that. Why should the scobes win?


For the last 40 years it’s been the same ,it’s like the back of the bus upstairs ,all the shams congragate there .


As bad as people think it is now on the hill picture this in the 70s/early 80s ,barbed wire topped off fencing around the perimeter , massive crowd surges when dubs scored a goal , occasionally fights would break out among 'suoporters ", people would try and get away from it ,it was like the parting of the red Sea .
Some scumbags we’re able to throw stuff from hill into seating sections .


I was there in the 70s and it hadn’t changed much today . I think when you have utter knackers there now you have to ask how they access tickets


Ah ,Bart its totally unrecognizable from the 70s in terms of Heath and safety ,which is the Paramount concern when compared to standing beside a cpl skobies , sure you were on the hill in 83 ?? Great fun when you’re 18 years old , looking back HTF no one was killed that day .


It’s a kindergarten compared to the old hill in the 80’s.

Fwiw section c, behind the goal, is the “worst” area. Don’t know why lone goes there :blush:


70s was horrific there right enough…


How nobody was killed in the 70s and early 80s on the Hill is beyond me. Crushing, crowd surges, fighting, baton charges and not forgetting the exit - a death trap. A choice between one narrow staircase or a long slide down a muddy bank with a wall at the bottom.


You had less of the coke and heroin on the hill too though