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If it ever happens and they agree to it ,it will be incremental , starting with Dublin entering 2/3 teams at minor level ,it will be the thin edge of the wedge .


Just let Dublin enter B and C teams in all these championships. That way all the poor Dubs who can’t get their game have a chance and the GAA gets to keep their cash cow.


I think a regional structure is the only way if counties insist on a non tiered structure
I think it’s a concept that if approached correctly could create something fantastic


It was mooted for the hurling but they went with tiered instead. They wont go for it in football unfortunately. They want everything to stay the same it seems, so long as Dublin arent winning.


I think you could be right if they got the regions right, i.e. something that the people could identify with. You could model some of them around ancient Irish fiefdoms, Breifne (lietrim/sligo/cavan), Desmond(Kerry), Meath(Meath/Westmeath/Louth), Uí Néill(Derry/Tyrone*), etc. I often think the govt missed a trick during the bust by not getting rid of the county councils and creating 10-15 super councils. Without the political identifier of counties I wonder could the GAA re-organise along the lines of new administrative areas. The county system is too skewed in size and poulation for administrative or sporting purposes.

One problem would be that the same divisions wouldn’t work for hurling and football though.

*Yeah I know, that one would take a bit of selling.


Ah jaysus lads … I’m tipping Setanta to be player of the year in 2025 …


Eblana for Sam!


could you imagine Roscommon with that one, they even voted no to gay Marriage when all around them courted the pink economy


I don’t know, it gets more pro Dublin as it goes on.

But I think McGuinness premise is wrong on this one, the kid from Drumshambo has way more chance of playing in Croke Park then the kid from Drumcondra. The Leitrim kid only has to be better then a few hundred to make a county team, the Dublin kid has to be better then thousands and also be an elite athlete.

But I get his main point, that things are skewed towards the big counties - but it always. There are a few ways out of it, but none of them easy. Funding on its own wont do it as population size is too important. And if you equalise funding on a county basis, you are defunding a large part of the population in favour of those who live in small counties with small populations.

Regional could work, but would be a hard sell. Tiered systems would also work, but would be a hard sell too, but maybe the easiest way.


I wouldn’t count Kerry and Kilkenny as big counties yet they are by far the most successful.


Tiered competition has seen Louth and London hurlers play in croke park. Leitrim footballer shouldn’t be in competition with Kerry. Simples.


Excerpt from piece featuring Oisin McConville as below. His boy is a clever lad!

"He acknowledges that Mayo will be up against it all the same and when asked about the recently retired Tyrone captain Seán Cavanagh’s opinion that Dublin are the best football side he’s ever seen, McConville adds an endorsement from his own family.

“It’s a popular thing to say at the minute because they are the team we’re watching right now and they are awesome. How they dispensed with Tyrone in the first 20 minutes – I was just sitting back enjoying it. My wee man – he’s only five and football nuts – whenever I say I’m going to a Dublin game he wants to go.

“If I tell him I’m going to an Ulster championship match, maybe even Armagh, he’ll take it or leave it. If he wants to see football, he’ll go to the Dublin match. That’s the way people are. That’s why there’s a scramble from all over the country to go and see this game.


It still blows my mind where we are at ATM . Sometimes I’m sad because I no longer work with country pals , I would be lording it over them the last couple of years after all the shit I got during the noughties .
I felt the same way that child did about the Tyrone team of the noughties .Just loved watching them play .Its nice to see people from other counties putting aside their pettiness & appreciating this team for the great football they play .


Dublin’s response to Sean Cavanagh at the end of the game popularised Dublin in Tyrone ( or at least
among anyone I know there) to a great extent. People who hadn’t a good word to say for them (yet would watch every game they are in to be honest( are now cheering for them in the final.


Funny that, I know a good few folk from up there, all hardened Tyrone men and women and Gaels, and they all told me before that they wanted somebody else to win the final, but now have changed their tune after the show of respect to Sean Kavanagh.


Tyrone are social outcasts they were always supporting the dubs


Ricey will be on the Hill with a Bodhran.


Everyone except the Hill . As ever an embarrassing response . But up Hill16 Arny and all that !


To quote the current republican president of the USA - wrong!!

Or another “there you go again!”

You just can’t help yourself. Plenty of people on the hill were applauding him. Yes, some were booing, and so were some in the stands.

But generalise away, lone. You really ought to find that guy on the hill who once pissed in your pint and get this out of your system,


I was on the Hill .and there were far more boos then applause . But that’s the Hill these days