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If Kerry win 3-4 of the next 8 then that will help our case to move to a regional structure elsewhere


It’s all part of the constant agenda, and propoganda lads, can’t but eventually effect the referees so much there could be some big decisions against us in two weeks.


they wont, they have all cancelled their irish times subscriptions.


Only the DCB have the power to split dublin, no other body has the power to do so. the only way it can happen outside of that is by congress giving the power to the national body and NO county board will agree to that for lots of reasons.

DCB, if the playing numbers and the admin becomes a nightmare, have several divisions like in Tipp and other counties.

Belive me, if the DCB suddenly wanted to split, Kildare and Meath would try to stop it because it would mean the DCB saw it to dublin’s advantage and the prospect of two dublins in a leinster final would be very real.


The split Dublin in two brigade are just looking for a way to undermine the brilliance of the Dublin set up .

There are players of comparable ability to Paul Mannion in every county in Ireland . But how many of them will soak in the culture created by Jim Gavin et al and determine to improve themselves ?

We have a very talented group of players and a manager who has opportunistically used them to forge a culture of excellence . Talks of a split mean the praise due to those involved can be sidestepped.


That’s the gas thing here. Can u imagine the meltdown at first all Dublin Leinster final followed by all Dublin all Ireland final. WTF would the anti Dub media at that point. Split us into 4 / 8 or maybe ban Dublin GAA altogether :sunglasses:

This type of reactionary nonsense is just that, nonsense. Raise the standards rather than knock those who succeed is the only intelligent way to respond to any dominant team. Pity our gaa media & pundits will always look to appeal to the lowest knuckle draggers!

O’Rourke comments in this regard are disappointing. Jealousy and desire for his own county to do better were behind his recent split Dublin comments. To cloak it under An awful shame that lots of Dublin lads can’t play for Dublin is self serving boll0x. Same as he did re Connolly couple of months back. Gives platform then for Duggan etc to spout this nonsense as well.

As pointed out this won’t happen without Dublin agreement and unless we are coerced DCB will never agree to it. GAA would suffer reputationally & financially if they were to go down that road.


once the precident is set that county boards are no longer allowed to govern the game in their area (by splitting dublin against its will) then the pandora’s box is open. you would then have civil war as counties seek HQ to look into other counties finances, like how they can afford “that” manager or what happened to “That” sponsorship money…

no, no, no. that is never going to happen.


I get where you are coming from but there are different models out there for these situations.

In American football, the professional version of the game is set-up to try and level the playing field for all the teams. You still get good and bad teams and even the odd dynasty but rarely see the consistent hammerings that are becoming more common in GAA.

The feeder system for the pros is the college game which is far different and looks more like the GAA where money and size have a huge bearing on the teams success with little or nothing done to try and level the field as is done in the pros.


You’re assuming the provincial structure will survive


weather it does or not isnt the issue, the issue is that counties will not allow a precedent of HQ being able to pry into their business.

you shouldn’t mistake the provincial competitions with the provincial system. one is sports, the other politics.


Prob quicker splitting the dubs in two than abandon the provincial system


every year there is a team or two who win almost nothing in the regular season, but pro american football is a bad example anyway - it is a cartel system and it is becoming more and more of a leech on its host cities (and i am not just saying this because Ken Early pointed it out today lol) and in a very real way it treats its fans like shite. At least Dublin GAA will not up sticks and high tail it off to Manchester if the going gets tough.


Agreed, it’s has a lot of aspects that are not good and somethings they do would never be tolerated by the GAA. But it has done a lot to level the playing field which is more than can be said by most other sports


Hmm I believe the Super 8 is the beginning of the end for the provincial structure


Yea but you can’t have a draft system in an amateur sport, does anyone end up playing for their local team?


Just even responding to articles like that and debating it as “an issue” or even a possibility is giving these WUMs and warped jealous begrudgers what they want. It’s a non-issue.


Jim McG coming out against splitting Dublin in today’s IT and makes some good points about Central council helping weaker counties improve their coaching, s&c and nutritional expertise. It won’t make Lietrim compete with Dublin but it should raise standards across the board and narrow the gap a wee bit.


Here’s the article…


it is hard to disagree with what lucky is saying there, and there is one glaring sentence where he says that many county boards just dont have the inclination.

whilst it is laudible to constantly mention leitrim, carlow et all when it comes to this sort of thing, the reality is that they are being used as a stick to beat dublin with.

Why isnt Lucky so concerned about the 8 year old Hurler in Donegal watching Galway -v- Waterford, teams who have not won Liam in decades?

Why isnt Lucky worried about the 8 year old Kilkenny Footballer watching Dublin-v-Mayo?

Nobody gave a shite about Leitrim and Carlow’s chances of an all ireland from 1884 to 2013. Truly the Gaels of those counties are blessed that finally, for some reason, the likes of Lucky, Micko and O’Rourke feel the need to help them out.


Stopped after the first 3 lines. Pathetic stuff.