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Why do you even read what glum jum writes- or more accurately what jum has written for him? Who gives a ■■■■? He is bitter, twisted and hates Dublin. Every time we win a match, he dies a little bit more. Be Happy!!


He isn’t missing any point . He’s attempting to justify his own tactics in 2012 by saying Dublin have adopted the same model in a round about away.
I’m honestly convinced he’s as big a narcissist as there is out there . Every article always begins and ends with him


That is exactly what I took out of it - look what they’ve done to my great work . He’d eat himself if he could .


One day he will realise that Gavin and his players have just come a round about way to finish what they started in 2013, what Glum Jum tried to destroy, and very nearly did.


I agree with everything in a Darragh O’Sé article. I think I need to go and lie down


Really good article in fairness with some insightful analysis.


He makes a good point, his excellence and high standards are taken for granted. I struggle to think of another player who is so intensively, and extensively, focused on by the opposition as a way of stopping a whole team.

Also love how one commentator on the piece absolutely facepalmed himself. Moron.


Must have got Tomas to ghost write it


Keith Duggan , the last two sentences in the article grates a little ’ Dublin may be out of control. But that’s not Dublin’s problem’ .


Never mind the last two sentences the headline grates!


Hope hill16 army don’t see that article , prob demand a meeting with Michael D Higgins & boycott the final in protest.


As i said on another thread - they have no bloody right to split dublin, they can’t suddenly decide half our sporting heroes are now the enemy. Feckin cheek of the culchies to suggest they can mess with dublin like that.

We’ve won a handful of all ireland in the modern era often by the skin of our teeth. Hardly dominating the sport to the degree where you have to come up with ways of hobbling us. Mayo spent more money than dublin in 2016 ffs.

Cork have more clubs and more adult teams.Cork and kilkenny have dominated hurling to the point where it’s a snore fest in the past - no one cared about that.


Right on @Tayto - you tell 'em! They’ll have more success trying to split the atom!


It’s all in the future . We have to see what happens but my prediction is for Dublin to stay competing as one a regionalised structure has to come in
Otherwise I’d confidently predict Dublin will be split in the future


My view is simple. Anyone who suggests splitting Dublin as not a real GAA person as it contrary to the ethos of the whole organisation.


Few issues with the content of K Duggans article . Firstly he’s the chief sportswriter for that paper , so I’d expect some capacity of reflective thought in that article , there really wasn’t much - just anecdotal circumstances bundled together . Secondly I don’t see any evidence as in facts or figures or sources . Thirdly , he infers that this is an out of control county when the opppsite is more likely to be the case - given the manner in which DCB conducts its business by way of structures and organisation and skills and how it does its business getting kids playing and enjoying the sport . It’s a weak lazy article , and when your quoting Tomas OSe to support your view then I think KDuggan needs to ’ have a look in the mirror ’ . In the spoof article on how to write like DOSe one line comes to mind - the Kerry players don’t give the square root of six fcuks about anyone else . The wish for some county to stop Dublin is running out of that piece like snot on a kids nose .


Organisations evolve too


Like north Korea?


Only if we dominate to a ridiculous degree. a mayo win will cool that talk pretty quickly.


Yeah but not this year let them suffer a bit more. Make them all suffer