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I’d never join any club that would have someone like me for a member :wink:



He’s only a junior executive currently Tayto. He’s waiting on the Cabals initiation ceremony


You really think he is doing lones club/non club thing or has heard of hill16 army?
Not sure but the whole “Dublin would be great without the Dublin people who I can’t stand” tone may be a shock to you lol he doesn’t even slip in the old some of my best friends are Dublin people line.

What I am amazed about it is that Barry hasn’t rung the liveline. This is right up Duffy’s shit stirring Street.



Is Keith Duggan from Mayo?


In fairness to him, and in gratitude, he makes this place seem rational and considered in comparison.


Donegal? He helps with lucky jims articles


Cheers, I thought I read here that he was from Mayo.

Quite a staunch defence of Rochford but based on the flawed premise that the objections to the O’Shea move are down to a fear of change. They’re not, for the most part. The main objection as I see it is that it cost Mayo more than they gained, that another player could arguably have done the same job at a lower cost to Mayo’s overall performance.

Anyhow. You have to admire Rochford’s self-belief, and his willingness to try something. But he’s a pragmatist and I wouldn’t be surprised if he moves O’Shea out the field and puts a man-marker on Donaghy to spoil everything that comes in.


I thought it was brave move on rochforts part aswell only gripe is that he left him to long but I’ll say it again in that Aido made a huge block at the end that could if left Kerry two in front.

We’ve done it before with bastick, McConnell and Barry Cahill all in at FB with various degrees of success.

Will be interesting to se how it pans out today.


Duggan is yet another waffler from Donegal.


Duggan’s an utter prick but seeing what people went through that’s uncalled for.


Some great blocks in the replay, Clarke is some keeper.


Jim busy trying to label the Dublin team and put them in a certain box. We are now a possession team per Jim. What he cannot or perhaps will not see is that this Dublin team is not a one trick pony and can adapt and change style so as to deal with whatever set up they are facing

He also mentions the hand passes (twice as many as Tyrone - well we had twice as much possession). But there won’t be 300 hand passes against Mayo Jim - because they will come out to play.

He also still seems convinced his type of tactics can work …


if we win the three in a row i think we should send a thank you card out to jim at his club there in china. he’d appreciate it whilst not getting the joke.


Last week people tipped Tyrone to beat us, now they’re saying we need to be split in two, it’s going to look stupid if we lose to mayo in a few weeks.


So he entirely misses the point of the tactics Dublin used? Get a lead against a blanket and then hold onto the ball till they adjust the blanket. The fact that it took Tyrone so long to do so is hardly proof that Dublin are a hand passing team.


or , run in to the blanket defense and get turned over and then he’d be saying we should have held possession and picked holes (which we did)

anyway , different kettle of fish ahead in 3 weeks


If we play the same way again we might flounder.


we wont unless SR decides to play a blanket. if he did it would be a very counter attacking one - donegal 2014 on speed.

you never know…


Don’t be codding yourself