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Correct. Wholly at fault for that loss.


He prob didn’t mention that in his book😂


Always got the feeling Jim’s AI was beating Dubs.


he would be sad ■■■■■■■ if thats what motivates him.


Hardly it made him a millionaire


True… sad boy all the same if all he can write about is the 2014 semi final.


In 20 years time he will be regaling the grandkids with how he master minded a Donegal win over the greatest Dublin team of all time . That & the '12 win will cement him as a hero there .


Fixed that for you :wink:


Jim thinks Aido could play both full back and rampaging forward at the same time. I’d say the GPS would be flashing mad red after 10 minutes.

People were complaining that it denied Mayo of O’Shea’s service as a rampaging forward. I would question why Mayo can’t use Aidan in both roles. I remember seeing him take a ball just before half-time and he hand-passed the ball on and stopped. I was wondering why he couldn’t just launch up the field like Neil McGee or Ryan McMenamin. He has the engine to run the field like that. So why not use him as both stopper and creator?


Ah jim wonders. Poor Jim must be frustrating having an omi god like presence in the world off GAA and nobody listening to him. Note to the world we must try harder!


yeah but, Jim, the thing is… he doesn’t.


Clearly doesn’t. Very strange.


things like that expose the stupidity of our esteemed GAA media. Who was it commenting on Kevin Mac in a match where he wasnt on the field (the leinster final i think)… i mean, jesus…


Saint Peter on Sky Sports ?


Peter Canavan. I often think the media have a perception of AOS that doesn’t tally up with his actual ability. Very good player and important player for Mayo but a ‘box to box’ defender / creator over 70 minutes not a fecking chance. The lad was blowing outta of his hole the first time he ran after Donagahy who was blowing outta his hole when he tried to chase Johnny Cooper last year. Jim needs to watch the match on a 59’’ 4K OLED tv so he can actually write something thats accurate and not full of ‘filler’ and not starting with 'when i was at Don…


so now he is a sweeper


But Aido never had box to box stamina even when he was younger and your man was here. Bizarre comment. From a man that literally ran some very good players to a premature standstill.


aido is 6 4 and 15-16 stone (im guessing) he aint a duracell battery


A big unit to be lugging around the pitch. If I was cynical bastrard I nearly say Jim was taking the piss.


Maybe Lucky had watched aido’s episode of the toughest trade earlier that day which to be fair to the man was very impressive.