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What about the safety dance?

Jesus what a time to be a teenager lol


Men without tin foil hats.


Men Without Hats!

And one of the most dubious opening lines of all time …

Ah we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friend’s behind … :open_mouth:


another weird 80’s song and video. I heard Mayo are reworking a trad version of starships ‘Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now’ Enda Kenny and Michelle Mulehrin on vocals, James Horan is the dancer, David Brady the bad guy and Aidan O’Shea will be driving the taxi. Going to be epic.


AOS may not be available for the taxi, hell be too busy collecting his POTY after playing Roscommon , cough , cough


Wang Chung. So who did you say has been passing the pipe??


Only discovered them after finding out they did the soundtrack for Live & Die in LA , what a film ! And that song is a classic , brings back the happy '80s nostalgia :blush:


Calls for its own thread … Happy 80s Nostalgia


Musical Youth?


The BBC showing all the old TOTP brings back serious memories


That were The Dutchey lad


Lizzy doing Whiskey in the Jar on Totp , brilliant .


Same difference?


Thought it was a pot? Not just… pot


You could well be right but I also thought it was a euphemism for “pot”.


It was indeed, they changed it to Dutchie from Kutchie to legalise it, man.


Like the signs you see at pitch side in Croker…

“Keep off the grass!”.


Rodney do you prefer grass or astro?


Jimmy was shown up as a one trick pony in that Kerry game. Failing to push bodies up the field for last 5 minutes proved very costly


He prob treasures that dublin victory more than winning 2012 All Ireland. Think someone should tell him there no medals for winning semi finals :wink: