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We could do with a parody type ‘Aidos diary’ on Jim mcguinness. @Dub09 are you up for it? :+1:


Someone did a great one last week?? How to write a McGuinness column.


YEah it was great- but we need a tad more! Rip the piss out of how in love he is with his own bullshit…


I’m not in favour of all this Jim bashing.


fair enough. Though one would question his obsession with Dublin and how to beat us. You can nearly set your watch by his yearly musings on how other teams go about that.


Just thought I’d post it. Fully agree if he was a bar of chocolate he’d eat himself.
He’s getting great milage out of ‘only manager to beat Dubs’


A load of oul culchie bait guff and nonsense from this unrepentant spoofer. He wore a good Donegal side into dust with the greatest pox of a gameplan ever seen on the field of Gaelic Games, and when it went tits up he poured scorn on his successor from the comfort of the high moral ground. Stay in China Jim, I’d rather read stuff from the KMM or James (nearly) Horan.


"The big one is, have the Dublin forwards the ability to play under extreme pressure? I’m not so sure. I suspect that some of the old failings are there under the surface "

This is quite baffling?? Haven’t read the article but if this is a direct quote from it I’m not even going to bother.
What old failings is he talking about?
The same old failings that have just delivered back to back All Irelands.
Absurd piece of writing just mind boggling.


Can only assume it’s the collapse against Donegal . We recovered well against Kerry last year when it looked like we’d lost the plot .


That was not a Dublin forwards issue and he is talking forwards here. His next line is “On the very few occasions that Monaghan got any meaningful pressure on the Dublin forwards, they missed.” Didn’t notice that myself except a clear push on O’Gara when he was shooting but no free was given. What about all the frees we got? Monaghan putting pressure on our windy forwards no doubt …

But Jimbo is talking crap - not for the first time. He also refers to our ‘tried and practised sweeper system’ … who knew?

Here’s another gem …“Like Galway, Monaghan decided they were going to play 13 or14 behind the ball. Also like Galway they decided to give up the middle and first third and set up defensively along the 45. This is a concept I struggle with, to be honest.:astonished:

It can be very hot in China …


The difference between winning and losing is how you look at the game

He gets paid by Sky for this shite


Unfortunately we made him and his career
The shiteology is all part of the act
He got lucky once and made it count -hats off


Exactly. He will forever dine out on it. I say he asks himself every week how the ■■■■ did I pull that stroke? But I wish he would just concentrate on the socccer and leave the Gaelic football alone.


There is food for thought in that article lads.

Monaghan got their kick-outs off easily enough at times.

They were also very slow at both getting the ball forward and supporting it. So slow in fact that Dublin didn’t get the test they were clearly set up for, possibly with Tyrone down the road in mind.

Dublin (and other teams) forwards have wilted under the pressure Tyrone apply. Haven’t watched it back but we missed a fair bit in the second half, and the first, and not all of it was down to the game being over.

His stats on the points handed up in frees and by allowing us the kick-out, and how tight it would have been without those points, .5 to .3 I think, is interesting when you consider we had all the play in the firt half. And that Tyrone will be more disciplined (you’d expect) and look for a higher amount of turnovers.

Are Dublin the better team? I think so. I have the utmost belief that Jim Gavin will set them up right, and prepare them well for Tyrone.

Can Tyrone do a similar number on us that McGuinness’ Donegal did? I think so if we allow them. Or if Harte sees an as yet unidentified weakness in us, as McGuinness did in 2014…


But he still lost the final :fearful:, beggers belief .Like that’s been deleted from history .


Only if I get me bag of chips in it tomorrow …


Bad thing about China is that he can’t fly home every weekend to have his ego massaged / crotch nuzzled.

Expect to see plenty of articles until he manages to get the offside rule changed and revolutionizes soccer by lining up 11 players in their own goal.


He constantly applies criteria and scenarios and systems and situations with no regard to the fact that the teams he is critiquing don’t have the players to play them. If Monaghan did some of the stuff he says they’d have been dead at half time and beaten by about 30 points.

Also how can he meaningfully review these things from TV coverage? It’s not possible.


To be fair to him, that’s probably what the IT ask him to write. Beating Dublin is his USP, nobody else has beaten Jim Gavin’s Dublin in the Championship. Everyone (outside Dublin) wants to know can the trick be repeated and how a team might go about it. He might be sick going on about it for all we know. Remember, these articles are probably ghosted by a journalist with their own agenda too.


Maybe…but he’s happy to take the few bob for them. Surprising since he obviously has a long and lucrative career ahead of him.