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This is an odd statement: ‘there isn’t a Dublin player who would match up in an individual battle with the Breaffy man.’


Thanks. I’ll get a good para from that! :wink:


The heav-fy from breaffy


The Times preview of the match is actually pretty reasonable, one of the few decent pieces I’ve read this week although it doesn’t really go into any tactical analysis. It does make the point that if the media spent the time trying to pick holes in any other county’s performances the way they do with Dublin there would be uproar.

Interestingly it is written by Malachy Clerkin. Usually the previews are by Sean Moran, but I haven’t noticed him writing in the Times for the last few weeks. Does anybody know if he has left the Times? It would be a pity as I think he is one of the better GAA writers. Hopefully he is not unwell.


The IT proving once again that they are still a bunch of simpering west-brit bootlicks


Yeah let’s sing shoulder to shoulder instead …


I started reading McGuinness today but had to stop. Still too raw to have someone else tell me what went wrong. Have hardly read a word about the game …


Just read it there, I would agree with him. He doesn’t know what happened to Dublin but he thinks they will have too much the next day unless Mayo produce something left field and catch Dublin off guard.


Roscommon’s decision to bring in former labour relations negotiator Kieran Mulvey to chair their selection committee for a new senior football manager has failed to ease tensions within the county.



Mental story here :scream::scream:


“If ye can turn a man GA, ye can turn him GAY!”

Could be room here for a new support service, RGGA, Republican Grindrs Gamblers Anonymous…

Some mess to end up in though, hope he’s getting past it.


Good man Maurice … regrets I’ve had a few …Set a better tone?


Not to open an atomic bomb can of worms here but if that’s all he has regrets about it I’d be surprised . I still have issues with him stemming back to '10 . Slowly running out of refs of the caliber of Gough .


I hope someone from Judes reads this and they revoke his membership :sob::sob:




That cost Mayo the match. Is what they’ll say, for years, and years.


I would more say that Deegan’s incorrect black card call on Keegan would be the one that cost them more…


I don’t care.

We have Sam.


Long winter in Kerry.

Same length as always in Mayo.


Deegan did his absolute best for Mayo in closing stages of replay. His carry on with injury time at end was out of order. Bar kicking a score for them he couldn’t have done any more for Mayo. Oh wait he did actually try to kick a score for them…! :grinning:


We were in hill right behind when Philly went up to challenge ,I think ,Barry Moran for a high ball in closing mins , and he gave a free in, NEVER a free, McMahon was going mental. .He was dying to give mayo a chance to level it up and send it in to extra time