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I read that it was a strong team. Even so wild horses wouldn’t drag me to a friendly game, give me Bohs v Dundalk over that anytime. I’ve only been in the Aviva once ever, Fai cup final Rovers v Sligo 0-0 of course!


All well & good but were there any ladys or Jews playing?


The penos were great though :wink:


Hopefully not.


Ooooohhhh… can’t wait to use that line in an argument!!! Thanks!


Well said those men!



Jackie Tyrell with another gem in today’s paper.

He’s a 100 times better than the likes of Darragh O’Shea who just talks the two P’s (Pony&Paidi) and nothing insightful into the game and also Mc Guinness.






Not really, just used Google one liners!


You’ve ruined it now.



if you remove the “?mode=amp” off the end of those IT url’s they do the nice link over.


??? You have me there … Luddite that I am!!

I note there is no mention of Sean Cavanagh in all time appearances list?!? Oversight?


you had shared

if you remove the ? and the stuff after it creates the box as above. Not important!


Think I get ya! :+1:


"The big one is, have the Dublin forwards the ability to play under extreme pressure? I’m not so sure. I suspect that some of the old failings are there under the surface "
Like WTF is he taking about??


He is talking about Jim McGuinness and like a dog he can lick his own balls. Best ignore his article and I wouldn’t paste them into this site.


take dublin into a brawl - roll on ulster exit so we can get back to some resemblence of normality