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To all Millennials, please Google “V” '80s TV series.


He is in his hole at the end of his career. (Unfortunately.) Once the dust has settled, he’ll pop up in some other publication or media outlet. He has shock value now. That is always worth something to someone with Sunday World/Daily Mail-esque scruples & deep pockets.


He’s 71 and for the first time in my lifetime he sounded genuinely shaken on Sean O’Rourke’s show. I think he’s reached the end of the line. Like John Waters. Sometimes you just pick on the wrong people.


I’m sure he’s not short of a shekel or two.


If he wants to retire a bit earlier than planned, because he feels his isn’t up to it any more, that is one thing. Retiring because he is now unemployable is something else. I don’t think that will happen. Someone else will want to take him on eventually, once the dust has settled.


There’s a void at The Sun ever since Kelvin MacKenzie got the heave-ho there.


You don’t mess with the Jews.


Kevin will say that beneath it all he’s incredibly deeply principled and therefore after making such a mistake he can’t possibly in all truly principled good faith accept another job in journalism. A man for all seasons for our media times.


Isnt it ironic that it was his own people that brought him down; he abuses irish people fir 40 years but we are too weak to do anything about it. Then he messes with his colonial brethren and he is shuck to the core.


You don’t get away with anything now with all this faux social media hysteria over everything.


You can’t even be mildly racist or sexist without someone calling you a racist or sexist.


Is that like faux news?


You can’t speak your mind … bah.


If I spoke my mind I’d be locked up.


Not really - more like faux paw … which you should know as a cat …


If you spoke your mind you’d be speechless.


Yea, pretty pathetic that we’ve let him away to peddle his right wing west Brit agenda for years.


I gave someone a piece of my mind one day. Never got it back.


Man United were playing in the Aviva tonight before a packed house. I read a comment in the Independent that it was the easiest night to get a barstool in Dublin🐱



Was it man yoo or did people fork out good money to see their u17s?