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Top class , great stuff . Editor in Ir Times will not be pleased, as DOSe seems to use same template .


Quality!! Thanks for posting that!


It’s top class isn’t it. The guy has JMcG down to a t. I won’t be able to read one of his articles again without thinking of this,


That is priceless ! :rofl:


"One of the lads on the team had “liberated” an artillery piece from a British Army base in Crossmaglen. So we would put Michael Murphy on the edge of the D and we’d fire balls at him from the car park at the back of the club house.”





Great stuff, am I the only one reading that piece in soft Jimbo Donegal Accent…


That is just class. Give that man/woman a minutes silence/applause


oh, that is excellent!!!


The words spilt and milk come to mind.


He’s an odd, complex fellow.

Some of his reporting from the north in the early 70s is a far cry from his contemporary stuff. But he’s always had the ‘I’m so clever’ thing, and he’s been hoist by his own petard.

Interesting that the Jewish Council of Ireland or similar came out in support, not surprising due to his ongoing and fervent opposition to all things pro-Palestinian.


I don’t think he is complex at all. He is no different from the right wing shock jock in the states. Spouting unsubstantiated rhetoric and attacking those who he believes are too weak to respond. He does this to ingratiate himself with his paymasters and the wealthiest in society. This allows him get in certain circles which is his validation for being a total c***bag. Allowing him to gloss over what he know deep down, he is just a horrible human being


I don’t disagree with any of that.

But at times I get the impression that he is often not railing against the idea but rather what has built up around the idea, the mob (or leftie/ snowflake/ whatever he might see it) mentality. It’s like he is in opposition to the man (I mean that in the royal sense, lest you know…) rather than the ball. An immature way of going on.


Talked an awful lot of shite but did write the odd pearler. Not sure he’s as intentionally horrible as people make out . He reminds me of the class smart arse who always tries to sound intellectually superior to everyone else
As bad as it sounds a lot of people would agree with the sentiment of his article last week




I’d agree with nothing he had to say in the article from the weekend… I assume he’s cashing in on the subsequent interviews.

He should donate the fees from such interviews to a Holocaust-based charity and/or a gender equality foundation.


It is interesting that Myers was only bought down because he crossed the line in a British publication. We have no lines that they cannot cross in this country once they come at things from a West Brit angle. Himself and Ruth Dudley E have been spouting hateful shite for years and no one held them to account here. The only time I ever heard RDE really bought to task was when she got involved in the Scottish Indy ref and she got torn apart on it - again in Britain, not here.

On Vincent Browne, I am not too sure how contrarian he was himself, like Eamonn Dunphy they go on being anti establishment while being very much part of it. Not that being part of the establishment is such a terrible thing, but to disown it while simultaneously courting it is a bit disingenuous. But the media landscape is probably better with Browne in it, then without him.


I don’t think he is complex at all, I think he is one of the least complex people I have ever come across. On any given topic I could predict his responses correctly 100% of the time.

I have often wondered who his real paymasters were actually…