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Exactly, same owner, same right wing agenda.


It’s extremely contrary as his message is the opposite of the Sindo…but he is so good they have to keep him!




The likes of Denis like a token prole about the place. In case he’d ever accused of anything!


You’re a gas man Iomaint. Nothing like a kept contrarian … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have you been drinking today?


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Couple of good reminders there, the oh so well read Myers blamed the famine on the Irish not being able to catch fish and has previously denied the holocaust. A contrarian is putting it politely. Prick has been sucking up to the British right wing for a long time now. Only a matter of time still he floats his favorite again about Ireland rejoining the commonwealth and anyone who doesn’t agree with mr oh so intelligent is a rabid 'ra head.


Very well put iomaint.


Here comes our very own contrarian :wink:


I’ve no problem with people people going against our “right on” generally left wing leaning media but to think Myers is some kind of unsung anti-establishment hero is well wide of the mark. He’s been an embarrassment for some time. Gone totally off the rails in his old age.

Glad to see the indo removed his holocaust denial article earlier. What a twat.


Let me be clear. The system is owned. Most journalists are too as are most newspapers, radio stations and tv stations. Therefore dissent is good!. There is not a single poster on here who could be seen as a rebel!! Shower of pussies y’all!!


Myers is not a dissenter ffs. He’s a gobschite. That’s on a par with saying you’d vote for trump as he will “shake things up”.or that you like some of Vladimir putin’s ideas, he’s an original thinker.


Have you kids or a mortgage Iomaint? I’m guessing not … yet …


Agree with iomiant on this. While I very rarely if ever was in agreement with Myers, I respect him for being prepared to make a point outside the consensus and endure all that, that entails. We are all becoming too thin skinned and pc and that’s not an invitation to insult me !


You overlooked me !


Why do you think That?


I love a good argument … people who take a contrarian view just for the sake of it does nothing for me. Present any alternative view … but substantiate it


He was a shock jock, peddling a consistently right wing message. As close to a Tory writing in the Irish media as it is possible to get.

denying the holocaust is not big or clever.


Just guessing as I said … May be wrong