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Our Jim’s record has been pretty good but that result will always be remembered . Just imagine if we were going for 4inarow now . I still think this team should be ranked now above the 70’s team .


Some good artilces in the paper today.

Malachy Clerkin, good as usual on Mayo and their fans:

On Mayo, we talk of them being a Croke Park team, guess we’ll find out tomorrow where they really are at.

Sean Moran on McGeeney


Kerry would have done the same job on us in the final. Or we’d have won and imploded on our own hype-bomb the next year


We’ll hardly learn alot about Mayo from them playing Ros in Croker tomorrow. Unless they lose! If they win we will learn alot about them if they face Kerry in the semifinal.


Exactly! If they lose it will confirm where they are.

I still think this Kerry team will beat them, even if they get their shit together and produce a solid performance.

I’d have Kerry as favourites for the All Ireland,based on what I’ve seen so far this year.


Me too Yerra Yerra …


“Gollum, gollum!”






Not GAA related, but Kevin Myers has paid the price for ruffling some feathers.


He finally lazily stereotyped the wrong people!


Good riddance, bloody contrarian.


What’s the bet he get job on either a TV3 or RTE show.


Not a hope. He’s finished. When you have a pop at the Jews for no reason you’re done for!


He should have had a right go at Christians. Nobody minds that.


He has … and others … but not these …


Bet he ends up on newstalk as hooks next regular guest and stand in


Replace Vinny Browne at TV3


What about the editor? Is Myers copy just put straight into the paper? After some of his other articles? …


Has to be Mick Clifford. If Ivan Yates gets that’s it I’m never going to be watching again.