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Sticking it to those liberal jackene elites in dublin


When you put it that way, I’m warming to 'em…


This…They’ll believe anything the Rae’s say which in turn gets them reelected . They’re obviously doing a great job but if the people buy into the nonsense the Rae’s shite on about they are thick .
They’re a great double act though



Is that the real one ? There is/was a parody one as well


I believe that is the genuine one .


Good Christ what absolute oddball



Who is this snowflake? let me guess … DUP? … hows the gay rights you ■■■■?


Ex UUP - local newspaper magnate. Survived an assassination attempt back in 72 by the OIRA - was John Taylor then. Is around a long time … like dinosaurs …


Always thought Taylor wasn’t the worst…
May have to revisit…


Some people mellow with old age … others go plain batty …


We all know your views on @Rochey at this stage.


Think this is the flag he’s on about btw


Too long ago to remember this but just saw it on the news. Another error in judgement by a Sinn Fein member ?


The man is a complete fucktard ,imagine coming out with something as inflammatory as this ?? Did he not take into consideration the safety of English supporters traveling to the world cup ,obviously not .


I Don’t see anything wrong with what he said and I’m no fan of Boris. As we saw at the Euros the Russians won’t need any pushing to start on the English fans.


Boris is a bombastic prick who deserves a good beating himself.


Ah now, let the man have his say. It’s not like he needs to be choose his words carefully because he is in charge of the UK’s diplomacy or anything.


I fully agree.

Again, I fully agree.