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I think only McElduff can answer that.


He’s been acting the class clown for years.

He’s made similar bizzare videos with stuff on his head.

As Alex Kane said…wrong object, wrong day.

But he let the air out of Michelle O’Neill’s balloon.

Talk about ‘events, dear boy, events’.


Michelle O Neill has no balloon deficiencies whatsoever!


Well he did answer it.

It’s whether you believe him.

But given that he has form for posting videos with stuff on his head…and stood to gain absolutely nothing from his vote base - never mind the wider community - you’d have to have a seriously logical reason for thinking otherwise.


Well I for one don’t believe him. And that’s why only he can truly and honestly say what motivated him to pick that bread on that day and make that video.


It’s binary for me.

He’s either depraved and set out to deliberately mock victims, damage his party, and ruin his career.

Or he posed once too often with stuff on his head in a genuine coincidence. Wrong object, wrong day.

If it’s the former, you’d have to ask yourself what he stood to gain.


Arlene and co hardly going to celebrate a Republican atrocity. You’re badly missing something here Daller …



No one is suggesting the DUP would celebrate an IRA bomb.

But it demonstrates that events can co-incide with atrocities.

I personally feel he should’ve been sacked on the Monday because of the offence he caused and his stupidity.

As I say…he’s either depraved and wanted to commit political suicide…or he acted a tit once too often.


I actually think the man is not well


They ran a series of his twitter videos last week.

He’s standing with a bottle of water on his head asking has anyone saw his water.

He did the same with a Snickers Bar.

He’s a balloon…who’s buffoonery was tolerated because he was in a safe seat and his eccentricity made him seem less of a politician.

He’s wearing a Tyrone fleece in that Kingsmill video. The anger towards him from locals is palpable.


Did he land in The Phoenix? (in the words of Ronnie Drew)


If someone’s a balloon…it means their head is like one…full of nothing.

Surely you’ve that saying as well?

edit: some other similar sayings Al…muppet, bin-lid, eejit…or to use a few of the local expressions…a dose or a ganch.


Muppet, eejit, and dose I know. Balloon, no - airhead, dope, dense, empty vessel


Well a ganch is someone that’s always moaning or giving off.

My in-laws would tells the kids to stop ganching.


The Spanish Minister publicly congratulated the National police and the Civil Guard for their work on the 1st of October, in doing so he said the cost of the operation came to 87 million euro.
The main objective of the operation was to confiscate ballot boxes and voting papers before they made it to the polling stations, some voting papers were confiscated , but not one ballot box was found, secondly they were not to allow the polling stations to open, all the polling stations opened, thirdly if they did manage to open they were to be closed and the referendum was to be stopped, 2.2 million people voted.
The police have left now, but were here for the best part of 3 months, during that time, they were on the streets for 4 or 5 hours on the 1st of october after, that apart from the odd raid on public builldings looking for information on the organization of the referendum, they have spent their time sitting in ferries, standing outside police stations or sitting in their vans.
For a country that is always looking for EU help, it seems like an incredible waste of public money, the breakdown of the costs were in 2 blocks, accommodation and bonuses, the EU would be wise to keep an eye on how countries that look for funding spend their money.


Can someone explain to me how Real Madrid and Barca can spend 100s of millions on players? For a country with high youth unemployment it seems excessive.


(At the risk of sounding like Katie Hopkins) Can someone explain to me how some people on the dole never seem to be short of cash for booze, cigs and tattoos?



But seriously how are they able to constantly spend so much? crazy TV deal?


I think Barca and Real are allowed negotiate their own TV rights independent from La Liga. I could be wrong on that. That’s one part of it.
Real, to the best of my knowledge, have had large debt absorbed and written off by the Madrid City council/Local government a few times over the years.
They each would probably have large overseas income also, I’d imagine.


Football is a very dodgy buisiness here, if you look at the directors box on big match day in Madrid, half the Spanish govenmet are usually in it. TV is a big thing too as somebody else said both Madrid and Barcelona negotiate their own deal.