Irish Politics


Indeed. And there are plenty of other dubliners who would be worthy recipients but our councilors are too busy flying flags and kissing arse to bother.


You shouldn’t sit on the fence as much, it’s 2018 you should just say what you really think!!!


I’m told it’s one of my flaws…


I once knew a bloke called Fionn Lawless. He was F. Lawless


The Obamas??


Yes. Both of them. That’s the quality of councilor you’re dealing with.


That’s absurd, what on earth have they done to warrant it, such that ‘it’ is.



As I said, councilors more interested in gestures than actually doing what they were elected to do.


But one thing has nothing to do with the other, the fact that they do somethings wrong does not mean that everything they do is wrong.


Nothing like a flag flying over city hall, or worse, not flying over city hall, to cause tempers to fray.


That’s appalling, please desist.


They should fly your Christmas jumper over city hall!


Jebus TL, you gave that photo some scrutiny!
That was the chissler’s geansaí, & in fairness to your post the dog’s rear end could be mistaken for a pig!


Had a lot of time off.


We won’t go into the hassle it causes up your parts :wink:


When the flag protest was going on outside city hall, took some English people to a nice hotel opposite. Having a drink & watching the shenanigans through the window, they were genuinely shocked. They couldn’t understand it at all.


There’s a bigger picture than just doing everything to do with the running of DCC. Everything doesn’t have to be IMBY, some nods and gestures beyond it are reasonable.


I really don’t think that Rochey’s pal :wink: Keegan has a clue what is going on @alanoc

Banning taxis and buses from College Green will kill off what is already an area on a downturn (have had three customers in the taxi whose turnover was down 35-50% during the 4 years of Luas Cross City works…


Indeed. But the councilors would rather be flying flags or trying to set up a way to meet Barrack Obama…


She’s smoking hot