Irish Politics


His brother Padraig (Jock) won an All Ireland with the Dubs in 1958 against Derry. Won a few championships with Vins too and was a good soccer player and all round character who was also caught up in Arms trial


He was thick as thieves with Paidi O’Se.


His track record was kowtowing to big business and special interests. THere is nothing to suggest he’d do otherwise.

Re: National debt.Would you stop? Fianna Fail destoryed the tax base in 1977 the same way they did in the years 97 to 07. The removal of taxes and rates in the 70s is still being felt today. See Irish water as a prime example.


Irish Water my ass! It was purely a vehicle for selling off our water, just like the forests, gas etc. Thank Christ the left stopped that from happening. As for kowtowing, the evidence suggests that Haughey did not kowtow in political matters, such as the north. Cowen, Lenihan, Inda and Noonan took the soup over the banking debts. I firmly believe that Haughey would have known that we could play hard-ball and win. If the EU had risked a run on our banks, that run would have continued to Paris and Berlin within an hour. They could never have taken that chance. We had them by the balls and we buckled meekly.


All we need now is for RBB, Mick, Claire, Paul and all them hard left boys in. Tax ‘the rich’ and ‘elites’ another 50% and we can all stay in bed …


Agreed but not purely. They also needed to generate revenue for major infrastructure work. That was to come from initial funding in order make the sale more attractive. The truth of the matter is that the underlying infrastructure is still in a parlous state. And that is an effect of the removal of water rates in 77

If they took the soup they most certainly picked the veg. Chopped boiled and served it. They’ll all get their payday. Not lenihan granted but they’ll all be looked after and haughey only ever dealt in his best interest.



Senseless …


Because there aren’t other problems to be solved by the Council?

This kind of thing gives politics a bad name.


Irish people have a very strong connection to Catalunyan social and political history. You lads are probably too young to know about it.
Taking a stand for people’s civil liberties and right to self determination is giving politics a good name.


How does politicians taking a stance on a political issue give politics a bad name? Whether you are in favour of their stance or not is different matter.


Yep… Politicians themselves don’t give politics a bad name.


Because it has absolutely ■■■■ all to do with Dublin city and the governance of Dublin city and I suspect that very few of the people who voted these fools into office give much of a shit about Catalonia. We’ve a man who is losing the run of himself in an attempt to ban all traffic INCLUDING BUSES from around College Green and potentially do enormous damage to businesses in the area and all the flutes of councilors can do is vote on which piece of cloth to hang out of the building this week.

They need to get on with what they were elected to do and cut out the virtue signalling bullshit.


What harm does it do though ? It’s just a flag at the end of the day .Are you bothered by the message it’s sending ?


Calm down Alan, you seem very angry about something you don’t give a sh… about. One of the biggest problems in the world today is people not giving a sh… about whats going on around them.


I’d be delighted if not voting in a flag suddenly turned them into responsible and effective public representatives.


I’m bothered about them wasting time debating and voting on something that has absolutely nothing to do with Dublin while at the same time they appear to have absolutely no control over the city manager or indeed even an opinion as to what’s going on in Dublin.

They have a job to do. Flying flags is not that job.


What about Bob Alan? Give it back or not.


Freedom of Dublin should be for people from Dublin or people who have made heir home here and contributed to the city.

I’d give it back to him quicker than I’d give it to the bloody Obama’s. What the hell is the wife getting it for?


Indeed! Jim Gavin should get it I think. Why shouldn’t his sheep graze in Stephens Green ahead of Michelle’s! Bloody councillors - I’m going to write a relatively strongly worded email asking why Jim isn’t a Freeman.