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A principled man of the highest caliber. Won’t have a bad word said against him!


Dear Mr White at al,

To recap. Charlie Haughey received dubious cash gifts from rich benefactors, which he should have paid tax on, but illegally evaded this. He also did favours for his benefactors, in relation to tax, passports etc. He was corrupt.

On the other side, he was a brilliant and ballsy politician who was qualified in accountancy and law. I outlined some of his achievements above and there are plenty more.

I ask again, has any Taoiseach since had EITHER the brains or guts he had? None of you can name one because there hasn’t been one. I personally would prefer a dodgy but visionary alpha male as my leader than a mamma’s boy who was out of his depth - like Inda Kinni.

I would go so far as to say that while I hate the Blueshirts, Leo may end up going down as the brightest and bravest leader we have had since CJH! What a turn up for the books!!


He was a scumbag. Living like he was entitled, an aristocrat, while people emigrated in droves. He merely gave people back their money in some services what was collected through taxes while he lived like the worst of the British gentry, something he modeled himself on.

As for him being a brilliant politician, he was a self-serving c*nt. You mentioned his role in starting the peace process, he almost sank it at birth in order to further his own career.

No wonder FF still survive,when you read this gombeen shite.


He took money from a fund that was setup for a dying friend and used it for his own use. You forgot that. Do you need a reference for that?


Preach !

Brilliant politican my arse !

That is revisionist, white washing of a cancerous carbuncle on our public life.


Answer the question I asked. None of your Anglo whataboutery is even relevant. I said he was corrupt, yes including robbing Brian Lenihan’s fund. Disgusting behaviour. Now answer the question. Also, remember this. Haughey robbed. However we were fleeced by Denis O Brien, that best friend of the Blueshirts. None of them are clean. At least Haughey had brains and some decent ideas.


No one else comes close to haughey in terms of the level of corruption. It kinda breaks my head that you’re trying to excuse him by taring them all with the same brush.


Read my post above where I list only a handful if his achievements. Then name a politician who did even half as much. I am revising nothing. What lie have I told? I do not vote FF and the last time I did was 20 years ago. I fly no flag for Haughey but I won’t have people saying that he should have been shot by loyalists. For the record, I also admire him for trying to bring in guns with Kelly, while the southern establishment left the nationalists in the north to suffer on.


Was a response to the comment that cj would have told Merkel where to go…
An utter work of fiction.


What’s that got to do with cj.
Don’t think that has any relationship to the topic at hand. Who is indulging in the whataboutery now?


And I’m banging Giselle Bunchen


It is most certainly not. Given his track record it is fair to assume that he would not have rolled over. Look at the others. Garrett doubled the national debt. Albert was talented but made a boo boo. Bruton was simply an embarrassment. Bertie was a dodgy character who did well in terms of the peace progress but was not a leader, allowed PD policy to reign And bankrupted Ireland. Cowen was a disaster. Inda was embarrassing too. Who would you pick over Haughey? And why?


Who is she? I’m glad for both of you! I vote leftie independent with no transfers to right wing parties.


(Pulls pin from grenade)

So was CJH a Vincent’s man or a Ciaran’s man?

(Runs for cover)


Won a county championship with Parnells. Does that answer your question?


And playing with the opposition in that County Final was another former Taoiseach Jack Lynch (Civil Service)


Charlie was born in Mayo, again in Derry and had his final birth in Donneycarney. He went to Joey’s, UCD and Kings Inns. End of!


Sounds more like Bart.


Where oh where is that QOTW thread again? Brilliant!


It does. Thanks.