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Thanks to Mary Harney. No.


I standby rocheys comment 100%. ■■■■ cj.


I’ll only take your posts seriously when you put in some evidence and facts as opposed to inane ranting and errors. Why should Haughey have been hung (disgraceful comment)? Tax evasion? Rochey himself did not mean what he said!


Irony in use …


Always makes me laugh to hear people complain about tax evasion by the well to do when a lot of them themselves have no problem getting work done by someone who is doing a mixer. The difference may be the amount of money involved but it is still tax evasion.
As the bible says “let him without sin cast the first stone”. Is there any one of us that hasn’t tried to evade tax at some stage???


Sorry nixer came out in the post as mixer


Thing was, in those days we thought we were dirty and all the main Euro leaders were clean. Now we know better, and that would put Haughey et al in context


Anyone reading the content of Gareth Britsgerald’s final letter, as outgoing Taoiseach, to Haggie Thatcher in early 1987? It’s been released in official 1987 state papers.
John Briton’s reply to a Penney’s board member’s letter criticising Aer Lingus’s sponsorship of a Phil Coulter tour to the USA is top-notch “fock-the-peasants” blue-shirtism.


the original Sunday business Journal post has been taken down but I’m looking for it.

Lenihan signed off the sale of this Austrian wing of Anglo when there was significant evidence of huge amounts of capital from anglo to it.

"The sale of Anglo’s Austrian business was completed on December 19, 2008, the day after FitzPatrick resigned as chairman after his dodgy loan dealing had been uncovered.

…the Valartis annual report reveals that the Austrian operation manages about 1.6 billion Swiss francs (€1.25 billion) for about 4,000 private banking clients.

Those clients can now remain very private indeed, far away from the scrutiny of the Irish state which stepped in and nationalised Anglo Irish Bank in January 2009 in the wake of revelations about FitzPatrick concealing large loans from his shareholders.

One of the big advantages of having money on deposit with an Austrian bank is that the identity of depositors cannot be disclosed to the authorities, as Austria enjoys certain derogations from the EU Savings Directive. This was and remains a key attraction for those who deposit funds in Austria".


Key piece.

A clause relating to the withdrawal of money by customers who owe a lot of money and have more than €20m on deposit is being dropped.


Re: Harney


FRom the Daily Heil

The PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report also found the bank lost 5.4billion euro (£4.8bn) in deposits in one week last September - and forecast a cash shortfall of at least 12billion euro (£10.7bn) by the middle of October as customers rushed to empty accounts.


statement from austrian bank sold by Anglo in DEc 2008.

Valartis (VLRT.S) has acquired Anglo Irish Bank (Austria) AG from Anglo Irish Bank ANGL.I, the Swiss financial services group said on Friday.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Group increases net profit and assets under management
The Valartis Group achieved net profit after minority interests of CHF 45.5 million for the first six
months of 2009 (prior year: CHF 4.0 million) on operating income of CHF 100 million.
Sources of income more broadly based
The acquisition of Anglo Irish Bank (Austria) AG, Vienna, last December – part of the Group’s
heightened strategic focus on private banking – has had a radical and lasting impact on the
income structure of the Group.
Austrian Banks
For absolute privacy, you can’t beat Austrian banks. When Austrian banking law was codified in 1979, the well-established tradition of bank secrecy was already two centuries old and banking secrecy was written right into Austria’s new constitution. Article 38 of the banking act says Austrian banks can’t divulge information to any third party. That means they aren’t allowed to outsource their back office work, either.
What’s more, banking secrecy wasn’t affected by Austria’s entry into the European Union in 1995—it would take a constitutional amendment to change it. And Austrian banks have built an excellent reputation. When the U.S. published its banking blacklist four years ago, Austria was not on the list.
Austrian banks are also rock-solid—no Austrian bank has failed since 1939. And Austrian banks offer custodian portfolios, where stocks and other securities are bought in the bank’s name and held in the client’s separate accounts.


As an overall accompanying piece.
Michael Lewis (of the big short and Moneyball fame)


follow the dots.
follow the money.
Unshred the documents the gards “accidentally” shreddded.
Seek AML information for 2008 from Anglo Austria and Valartis in 2009.

then maybe.


Never mentioned it. Either cognitive dissonance or a wilful attempt to mislead on your behalf.


See what you did @Iomaint you awoke the bear!


I mentioned tax evasion, which he was clearly guilty of. What have all of your posts relating to Anglo, got to do with Haughey?


None of us are whiter than Mr White …


I just feel depressed after reading that. And there was Me enjoying my second beer of the day.