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Stuff we already knew or at least suspected strongly. They fought fire with fire. Mind you, would an assassination of CJH been that bad an event?


He may have been a cad but he was the last intelligent Taoiseach we’ve had, with the balls to go with it. You should withdraw that post. It was out of line.


He wasn’t a cad. He was utterly corrupt and criminal. And he bought every election he won. Nothing he did excuses that. A complete sociopath and all the more extraordinary considering the other members of his family, who were devoutly religious and humble people.

The definition of a black sheep.



Haughey a cad. I love the Irish trait of minimising corruption. CAB should have moved on the family possessions as there is surely an argument that they are all inextricably linked to the proceeds of crime.


He was corrupt. A criminal? Was he convicted of any crime? I know he was given money by various people, which he should have paid tax on. That said, which Taoiseach since has has either the balls or the brains that he had?

Aosdana, tax breaks for the arts, the Succession Act, redevelopment of Temple Bar, development of IFSC, low corporation tax model, starting the peace process via the Anglo Irish Agreement…

I’d rather Haughey than an Enda Kenny figure any day of the week. Angela would not have been patting Haughey on the head. Anyone saying him being shot by the British would have been ok, is out of line. Do you agree Alan?


So the British government tried to assassinate our Taoiseach. Yet the likes of Leo the blueshirt and Michael Martin would try say there was never a war in the north of Ireland.


Haughey was a corrupt two faced fucker but your dead right he would if never have rolled over for any pint sized French git or Angela merkel.


I most certainly won’t because I think it’s quite clearly, OBVIOUSLY, tongue in cheek. I’m a proud republican, and any foreign power trying to assassinate our leader would be greeted rightly so with absolute outrage. Especially HRH’s crown forces! I’d be first in the trenches if that were to happen. He may also have been a very intelligent and firm while dealing with foreign dignitaries and leaders, but he was also a crook, a cad and a devious man. In other words, a politician! I find it amusing that you try to defend CJH, probably one of the most un-defenceable politicians of my lifetime…


Why would he roll over when he was so busy fleecing us all on his own.


Context is important. He would have been ball deep with the developers, and with Anglo and co. And like Cowen and Lenihan would have done their bidding.


I agree, but it would have been nice to have a leader with his brass balls at the time of the Euro intervention, our leaders lay down and let Merkel tickle their bellies! But I do think he would have also had his belly tickled by the banks and developers also… So hard to say. He sure had a brass pair of testicular fortitude, something badly missing these days.


If the British Government (MI5) wanted rid of CJH ((permanently) he must have been doing something right.
The 70s to 90s were difficult times in this country and we needed strong leadership. CJH had his faults - many of them- but he never rolled over like some other Taoisigh.
We could do with some one like him now to put manners on those clowns in Stormont at the moment.


Hmmm a few packed envelopes and some fancy shirts as opposed of a right kick in the bollocks worth billions by the head of the European bank. I’d take Charlie’s riding anyday. At least he gave us something back.

Regardless there would be no patting his head by some Cuban heel wearing plonker. As said he was dirt but I’d take his dirt any day over the way we where treated by trichet and Europe’s finest.


THere was no belly tickling.


If h never rolled it was because it suited him. Every decision he made was made firstly in his own interests.


Jaysus this is a gas thread altogether. Tighten your belts lads … but he would have stood up to Merkel … :roll_eyes:


Disagree entirely. Ripping off your own is more dispickable then anything the Germans or French did. All the while lecturing us about living above our means. Fooking prick. Besides Fianna fial (again) played their part in the country going bankrupt in the first place, haughey’s feckin protégé Bertie and his giveaway budgets.


Ya know dont disagree with ya he was the devil. Just would rather that fucker than trichet sarkozy and merkel. Also on those giveaway budgets the blue shirts and champagne socialists wanted to give more.


Pays a yearly subsistence to “ah sure 16s legal in nepal” cathal o seirigh. Enough said. Haughey deserved to be hung from the highest tree along with Bertie and biffo.


He wouldn’t. Hed have been assisting the flight of capital of developers like our minister for finance was at the time.