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… and Fox?


If you’re saying that alot of people are vaccuous I think you’ll be taken to cleaners here.


Any other era it would have been big news, put that together with the fact that RTE are fairly brutal the last few years and it says what you need to know. I also think it’s indicative of the times we live in. In the past more people simply were much more politically aware and involved, such as with the Spanish Civil War, where many Irish and Brits went to support the republic, and I know for a fact that in the 60s to 90s alot of people abroad were very aware of and interested in the “Irish Question”.


There has been an ongoing dispute between my adopted home town Lleida in Catalonia and a small village in Aragon, Spain, over the ownership of some works of Art, I won’t get into the ins and outs of it as both sides probably have valid points, but either way the works have been in the Lleida Museum for the last 70 years.
A Substitute judge made a decision the other day ordering the works to be returned to Aragon at the latest the 11th of december, coincidence or not, it was also his last day as a sub judge. And also added the Civil Guard could use force if needed.
In normal circumstances the Catalan minister for culture would appeal such a decision and the pieces would not be transferred until a final decision had been made, but given that the Spanish Government have overthrown the Catalan Government , no such appeal was made.
Again in normal circumstances a van maybe accompanied by some security would arrive to take the pieces during the day, but for some reason the Civil Guard came in Van loads at 4 o clock in the morning to start the operation, finally leaving shortly after midday with the hoist, it was a clear show of power and a desire to humiliate the people of Lleida, hard to imagine it happening in the E.U. nowadays, but the following video shows them leaving, only the truck contains the works of Art the rest is security , all of this to control at most 200 pacific protesters .
Is this a a sign of what Catalonia is in for if the Spanish government remain in full control of the place?


Things getting real petty now by the sounds of it . I’d say nothing surprises you at the moment.


That’s interesting. Are the police standing along the road the local Mossos Esquadra? The police in Spain seem to be more like military units, not very approachable unlike our own or the UK. I was mugged twice over there, once in Valencia and once in Madrid. After experiencing the police the first time I didn’t report the second robbery. The Valencia police seemed to think I was doing a holiday insurance scam!


The police on the road are mossos and the blue vans are also mossos, the convoy is the guardia civil, but the Mossos are now controlled by the Madrid government, that is the reason so many of them were there.


One step closer to a referendum in the summer. Full removal from the constitution is a great step forward if it passes


That’s nazi-like stuff in the gestation. The Yugoslavian war started out with stuff like this. Spain is no Yugo though, and Catalunya (and the Pays Basques) have huge wealth and power. And they will not be ignored by he world the way Bosnia etc were.


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Sure isn’t the pope coming over at the same time (just coincidentally mind) to remind us all to be good catholics


It will be interesting to see if he moves his visit from August to May


It’s for a World Meeting of Families so that won’t happen. All should be well done and dusted before then. Though I’d imagine there could be a few legal challenges before we get there.


What the hell is going on in poland?


Interesting to say the least, first of all to see the E.U. doing a U turn on their stance on the Catalan issue, where they have insisted they would not interfere with internal affairs, also would be very ironic to see Spain supporting the EU on this, given the questions marks here over the judicial system, especially after they failed in their quest to get Puigdemont extradited.


Well, today is what they call the day of reflection here, the day before voting, the campaign officially ended yesterday as today no party can ask for votes.
It is a very hard one to predict for many reasons, but mainly because the turnout is expected to be higher than ever and where those extra votes will go is uncertain to say the least.
It is pretty clear that the pro independence parties will win, but whether they will get on overall majority is another thing and after that even if they do will they get more than 50% of the votes.
I personally feel that they may well get the overall majority and over 50% of the votes, basically because it is hard to see where the unionist side can pick up extra votes, the pro independence side should get more votes due to the reaction to the referendum on the 1st of October, the imprisonment of the leaders and the application of the 155, the Unionist side don’t have that factor in order to get votes. There is a possibility the the Unionist Party Ciutadans will be the most voted party and win most seats, but if that does happen it will only be down to a split vote on the other side between the 2 major Independence parties and at that they will need a collapse of the socialist party.
If the independence side wins, it will be interesting to see how Spain takes it from there, the pro independence groups have already said they will accept the result if the Unionists win.


Seems like no clear winner, which is surprising given the recent events. I guess all those marching to protect the union were not all bussed in afterall.


I hope you get the result, you wish for, @bigp, and - more importantly - things stay safe and on an even keel over there.


Don’t think it’s surprising to be honest. People often vote with the their wallets. Huge economic issues for an independent Catalonia. That will see a lot of people vote to retain the status quo.


They were threatened- just like the Scots were.