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I don’t see how. Barely half of them actually want independence from Spain and when they do leave then they won’t be part of the EU. Lose lose it seems to me!


In the same way that eventually (and maybe not in our lifetime), a majority in Northern Ireland will want to become part of a United Ireland, so will a substantive majority want Catalan independence from Spain. What Catalonia enjoys (and Northern Ireland doesn’t) is an economic wealth to go it alone.


The Catalan situation is more like Ireland attaining a 32 county republic in 1922, then after a few decades the Loyalists decided we were workshy Fenian layabouts and struck out for their own independence. The Northern League in Italy have the same attitude towards the rest of Italy as the Catalans - should they be allowed have their own state too?


I’m not sure if you’re replying to me there. I’m not trying to say what should happen - it’s what I believe will happen.


No problem. I just think the Catalonia / Norn Iron situations are the reverse of each other.


It is pretty much irrelevant if something is on your radar or not. A national broadcaster is there to inform and if a major event takes place in the Capital of the E:U. of which Ireland is a member, I feel Irish people have a right to be informed, we all complain about people’s ignorance on issues, but if we refuse to inform tham we cannot blame them for their ignorance.
Yesterdays protest was the largest protest ever held by the citizens of an E.U. country outside their own state, surely that in itself deserves at least a mention.
You say it is a Spanish problem, to an extent it is, but it has also opened up issues that could affect any member state, the the whole Euro arrest warrant agreement is now in question and that affects every country.


I think people read far to much into the economic side of the Catalan problem, IMO the biggest reason at the moment behind the surge for independence is the general feeling of dislike from the rest of Spain, a general feeling that if it wasn’t for the area’s wealth Spain would gladly tell the Catalans to f… off…
The rest of Spain have been getting a very lopsided side of the story for years and this has lead to huge resentment of the Catalans.
I mean look at the cover of ABC, one of Spains biggest selling papers, not a mention of yesterdays protest, how can Spanish people understand the problem if that is the way it is treated in the Spanish media.


It was covered extensively at the time to be fair . It’s just these current issues in Ireland are obviously taking center space .


I agree 100% there, just felt it was worthy of a mention, does not have to be headline stuff. I would like to be informed of any major protest held by any group in the Capital of the E:U:



Yep I mentioned before that it was on the website, I was talking about it not being mentioned on the 6 or 9 o clock news, it is not a big deal, just was surprised that such an event did not get a mention and it makes you wonder how much of what actually goes on do we get to see.


If it doesn’t make much news in Spain, it won’t make much news outside of Spain. Whatever we like/dislike about state and/or independent media, they are there to make money.

Wild gorse fires displace thousands of people in California and it’s almost globally reported. Flooding and landslides could kills hundreds/thousands in Pakistan and it won’t make the news in lots of places.


Are you sure it wasn’t just the crowd coming out of the Barca-Sporting game in the Camp Nou …


In fairness the reasoning is different, one is pure censorship on behalf of the ABC. If it was a pro unity march it would all over the front page. That is the way it is here unfortunately. Imagine if 45k Irish people travelled to Belgium to protest and neither the times or the indo put it on the front page, just couldn’t see it happening.


Fair point, but I’d imagine if people, even within media corporations, want news on Spain, they will look to Spain. It’s not right, but it is what it is.


Any incident in the US gets over-reported simply because there are so many media outlets there running 24 hours, its more of a comment on the fickle nature of the world than a comment on the relative merits of different news stories


How are you seeing this , rte player ?


Yep, not a great service, don’t know if it is my internet connection, but it often freezes.


Is there wide spread censorship over there ? Does the government control the media as well ?


RTÉ News is incredibly insular. They’ll often go on and on and in about fairly minor Irish stuff and skip over European/world news. In a way I get it, there’s a lot of quality competition for world news - channel 4 news, news night etc.