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Remember these two boyos , they didn’t do too bad out of it after Zuckerberg fleeced them out if the Facebook idea


I would make it illegal. Almost impossible to regulate or tax.


The Spanish Judge has withdrawn the international arrest warrant for Puigdemont and 4 others, it looks like there were mounting fears that Belgium was going to refuse to extradite them or at least not under the charges Spain wanted them for and rather than being embarrassed internationally they lifted the warrant before Belgium made the the decision. I would say the Belgians are pleased with the Spanish for making them waste their time.
Apparently in Belgium they could not find any valid reason for the charge of corruption, the only charge they could find that was on the same lines as rebellion was something to do with civil servant disobedience, but in Spain rebellion is punished with up to 30 years in prison, whereas the belgium version has a six month sentence.
So as things stand Puigdemont can go anywhere in Europe except Spain, there are still four leaders in prison without bail, two of them almost two months for something the Belgians consider to have a maximum six month sentence if found guilty.


Was the warrant not being lifted to allow Puigdemont return and contest the upcoming election?


I don’t know where the judge came up with that, the Spanish arrest warrant has not been lifted, if Puidemont sets foot in Spain he will be arrested straight away, he has made it clear from the beginning that he will only return if the Spanish warrant is lifted so I really don’t know what the Judge is on about when he said that…


I’m not quite sure what I heard, tbh… Yes… I heard the Euro warrant was lifted and not the Spanish one, but I assume it was to allow him be arrested and then released on bail.


Yes, the Judge did say it, but I reckon it was an effort to cover up for Spain’s contradictory behaviour.
Puigdemont would not likely be released on bail, given that the vice president of Catalonia was refused bail on Monday because of his capacity to organize protests. Puigdemont would be seen as having even more capacity in that regard.


It is understandable today that Trumps decision is making all the headlines and rightly so, but at the same time it is disturbing that 45 thousand Catalan people protested in the the streets of Bruxelles today and it did not get a mention on the RTE NEWS, 45 thousand that travelled 1,500kms to take part in the demonstration, they travelled by, car, bus, train and plane to take part in what turned out to be the the biggest demonstration ever in the E,U held in a neutral country,
Does the E.U care about what is happening within its member states? Do the E.U. Members care? I am not looking for support for the Catalan cause, just wondering what is the point in belonging to a union if nobody in that union seems to be bothered as to what is happening in the rest of its members


In Ireland right now we have much bigger fish to fry regarding the EU and Brexit.

Quite frankly the Catalans are not on my radar. It’s a Spanish problem. I doubt too many others paid much attention to the North between 73 and 95. Countries have their own internal problems that have nothing to do with the EU.


Sure most people on this Island did not pay much attention to the North between 73 and 95.

Agree re Brexit. All eyes on this for us at the moment. I would be sympathetic to the Catalan cause but Id only have limited knowledge on it, based on whats coming through from the media online.


The Catalan issue won’t go away. It will become a much bigger EU issue over time.


Was over visiting the mother in law last night. She was watching those semi-famous people in the jungle.

They had a map of the world on the ground and were asked to measure the distance from the UK, to sydney australia. (marked with an X on australia). It took two grown men (who are in Australia) 20 minutes to work out where it was (through a process of elimination - they were told when they guessed it wrong) . I was literally blown away by the ignorance. One of them (a boxer) had the cheek to say he had a good sense of geography because he travels a lot.

If they are a reflection of the average joe in the street, then i doubt most people give two flying ■■■■ about the catalanas or Ireland or the end of their street by the looks of it.

and these people were allowed vote on the UKs membership of the EU.


Nail on the head there. The ‘North’ was ignored by most down here. I went up to Belfast and Derry in the early 80’s a few times out of interest and the reaction from some friends was as if I had travelled up to the moon. Someone (admittedly an asshole) actually asked me “what did they look like”? I told him they all looked like crazies!


I think that video on channel 4 showed how much knowledge of outside the UK they have in regards to where the border in Ireland is . They’re abit like the Americans . The average Joe is very insular .
Also what they are thought in history is probably very different to what the actual truth is . I’d be interested to see what they are thought about Cromwell & the occupation of Ireland , let alone their other conquests throughout the world .
And theres going to be a new generation brought up in the UK seeing Brexit as a good thing because it is anti immigration , anti foreigner .Their marching around the world trying to expand their empire has come back to haunt them .Now , they want nothing to do with Europe .Karma’s a bitch , ain’t it :wink:


Why were you hanging out with the DUP?


Not so sure about that, the tabloids readership is getting old and thankfully their influence will wane. The problem is the right int he Uk are talking to Bannon and Breitbart and will try to recreate that in the UK. The vast majority of u18s in the UK were pro EU.


Your still gonna have the right influencing their young going forward .
Out of interest do you have a link for that ?
And they might be pro EU but we thought those of voting age now we’re too & look how the vote turned out .


there was a study done where if the vote had been done a year later that based on voting trends and a change in demographics with more younger people being eligible to vote and less older people that the result would have reversed


What , like older folk dieing off ?
This is , at the end of the day , they voted for Brexit . Democracy rules , etc . This was the feeling at the time & the Brexit campaign was a masterclass in manipulating people’s opinions , even those borderline to swing for a jump .
Look at Scotland too with the independence vote .
Fear drives people & their voting decisions on topics like this .


All you have to do is watch Question Time regularly on BBC1 and look at the ages and locations of the people giving their opinions on Brexit. Both (age and location) will have exceptions but the general rules are the closer to London (or if in Scotland or Wales), the more pro-EU they will be and the younger they are, again, the more likely they are to be pro-EU.