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The EU was a very biased judge and jury in this case.


Ok then the block.


And Apple are responsible corporate citizens


So how would Apple paying taxes in countries outside of Ireland helped Ireland in 2012 and 2013 when we were on our knees?


Maybe so, but I’ve never heard of another country being sent out to collect everyone else’s debts. It smacks of the EU looking to give us a bit of a kicking, even after we were very complaint in nationalising the bank debt (owed to the German pension funds) to the tune of approx. €200Bn.

I don’t think anyone has clean hands in this case, the French also have a lower effective tax rate than us at 8.2% after all the claimable exemptions and Luxembourg’s (home of the brass plate corporation) is just 4.1%. I don’t see them being hounded in the same way by Brussels, or am I missing something here. Not saying that excuses any wrongdoing on our part, it just looks like part of a wider agenda in the EU and as a way of leaning on us to sign up for CCCTB


Because they were tax domicile here and were allowed to launder through the Irish system. Where the monies go afterwards is another topic of conversation. My basic point is that revenue commissioners and government aided their actions


One we richly deserve


Tax resident but similar enough.

My basic point is that it was not illegal nor was it evasion.

I accept that you have a differing point of view on it to me as to the rights and wrongs and who should get the money etc


From Forbes
"One is tax resident and domiciled in Ireland. The other is not: but it is also not resident"


Ireland doesn’t have company domicile’s (99% sure on that) It is one of the quirks of different country legislations that allows loopholes

Edit -100% sure - only refers to individuals in Ireland


Apple have agreed to start paying their tax bill early next year so you can probably wrap this up now. Wonder could Dublin gaa get a bit of that 13 billion! That would really upset our country cousins.


I assume its only the 13billion into an escrow account pending the appeal


It is, we are in the dock for not even doing that part, which is inexcusable in fairness.


Agree with that. How hard could it be to arrange that quickly?


Was due to be done at the beginning of this year, now looking like 2018. That’s some serious foot dragging


Apple board jobs for the boys.


Maxi, what do you think about the tax implications of bitcoin?


Wouldn’t know enough about it to say. Wouldn’t be a fan of bitcoin as a currency idea though


Seemingly, it will be the crowning blow to taxation systems. But hey, like with corporation tax, we don’t want to be rude or scare any rich corporation off…! We’ll just accept it😉


As I understand it is there a finite amount of bitcoin and it’s harder and harder to mine new ones? It seems more of a speculative asset than a lasting currency but will be interesting to see what happens.

Would you be in favour of bitcoin?