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things don’t exist in a perfect bubble. An effect one way can change many others. Changing our tax regime could result in massive job losses were we to lose a significant amount of multinationals. In that case we would lose the corporation tax, the income tax from those employed and face a far steeper social welfare bill.


We only need them to stop evading tax. We haven’t even discussed changes to model




Eu says evading




EU doesn’t say evading. They said Ireland aren’t in compliance with EU rules


So tax evasion aided by government politicians


No. Tax evasion is when you are not in compliance with a countries tax laws. Apple are fully in compliance with Ireland’s tax laws but the EU has said that Ireland are not in compliance with EU policies on State Aid.

In effect no tax evasion and I don’t think that has been mentioned anywhere in EU report


But you said higher up no state aid was given.


I still don’t think that State Aid was given and that this will be proven. That is what the EU contends though. They are not chasing tax evasion


Somewhere in this sordid little tale. Let’s just say some called Brenda Denny was made aware of apples creative accounting in 2012 or 13. You know. When the country was fucking crippled and did nothing to close the loophole. Pure vermin


Pretty sure most people in Revenue, government and anyone with any passing interest, professionally or otherwise, in multinaitonals would have been well aware of Apple’s (and others) tax approach long before 2012. The loophole doesn’t stop Apple from being taxed 12.5% on sales actually made in Ireland. It is profit earned elsewhere that is not taxed

That loophole has now been closed by FG since 2015. It would not have made a blind bit of difference retroactively in 2012 or 2013 as laws don’t work backwards.


I’m well aware how the law works


you don’t appear to. What are you saying could have happened in 2012 that would have changed what happened before that?


Nope. Government were made aware of loophole and allowed it to continue for a couple of years. Stephen Donnelly highlighted this in the dail. As did Lucinda creighton


not exactly sure what this is responding to exactly?


I am highlighting what the dogs in the street knew about government allowing businesses to rape the country. I never said or called for legislation to be introduced to recall back dated taxes. That’s in your head


In what way do you think Apple has “raped” (as you so eloquently put it) the country?

The law has been changed while Enda Kenny was still the Taoiseach

As for the back dated taxes I took that from you talking about 2012 and assumed you were talking about changing the law and looking for massive amounts of back taxes at that stage. Mea Culpa


What I struggle to understand is how the EU can say that Ireland is due to collect €13Bn from Apple, but that other countries may have a claim on the money collected.

Either it’s due to us and we collect it, or it’s due to other EU countries and they collect it, since when are we the unpaid tax collectors for the entire EU?


Because we enabled the scheme